Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prime Minister's Speech Sub-Prime

Josey Wales (love that name) of LEBANONESQUE fisks the speech of Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora. This is the speech given in front of the Arab League meeting in Beirut that was hailed as a masterpiece. Josey starts out with an over view of the speech and reaction to it in the Lebanese blogging community. Also included is some stuff Siniora said on the Charlie Rose Show.

In the past few days, PM Siniora* stopped impersonating a "caracon" sergeant, who merely reports the number of dead and wounded, and said "no" to Condi Rice and later went on to shed a few tears during an emotional speech before the useless meeting of useless people (Arab Foreign Ministers) from the useless Arab League.

And now bloggers, friends and family, and political commentators are all fawning about an "emerging leader", a "wise man", an "historic PM".

I think these words are for the least premature, if not plain wrong. Bloggers know I have dubbed him "Milquetoast" Siniora.
Josey is not shy. He next covers a number of other details and then he starts grinding the prime minister's speeches point by point.
- Siniora: The core problem is/was Shebaa, prisoners in Israel and the mines.

- Josey: That is disingenuous, as he knows Hezbollah is on the record saying that that is not enough, and the Jewish State has no right to exist. I never heard Siniora or Hezbo say "solve these and we have no problem". Siniora may have wanted to, but did not do it. So spare me.
Josey points out that this is really an anti-Israel strategy. Slice at a time. Each time it is "just one more slice and I'll be finished". Until the last slice when Israel will be finished.
- Siniora: Hezbollah did not tell the government about the attack, so the government cannot be held responsible.

- Josey: Ok Fouad, you are a 4-year old, I am three, and it's all one big joke. (????)
Josey puts the point in his own excellent style. Either Lebanon has a government or it doesn't.
- Siniora: We don’t want Lebanon to be the punching bag for all the regional causes.

- Josey: Then he rants about the Golan Heights and Gaza and the 1967 territories. You don’t want to be a punching bag? Use your head and disengage yourself from the regional issues (to the extent you can). The Golan is a bigger problem for Syria. Why are Syria's' bridges still standing?
Josey is definitely not PC.
-Siniora: Our "Ourouba" [Arabism/arabness] is not conditional.

-Josey: What the hell does that mean? I say it should be EXTREMELY "conditional". Maybe it should be on OUR own terms. That's exactly HOW we became the "punching bag", Foufou. All others are "conditional" Arabs. We're the only unconditional buffoons, with results before our very eyes. A connection there? Ya think? Naahhh!
There is lots more where that came from. Josey definitely lives up to his name sake. BTW his blog motto is: Impressions, views, and steam-blowing by a lonesome cowboy. If you liked this you know where to get more.

Update: 09 Aug '06 1721z

Another view of Siniora can be found at Siniora Strikes Back.

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