Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Palestinians Want a Chance

There is a report that the Palestinians might want a chance at firing rockets at Israel from Lebonon (that would be Lebanese Palestinians as opposed to Egyptian Palestinians, Jordanian Palestinians, or Israeli Palestinians. Not to mention Palestinian Palestinians and American Palestinians.) Evidently the Iranians must do something for 22 August, the Hizbollah has said "no mas", so Lebanese Palestinians are all the infantry left for Iran.

Lebanon's defense minister Elias Murr said he was certain Hizbullah would not break the cease-fire but warned Palestinian groups of harsh measures and a traitor's fate if they incited Israeli retaliation by launching rockets into the Jewish state on Sunday.

Defense Minister Elias Murr's strong warning to Palestinians indicated concern that Syrian-backed Palestinian militants might try to restart the fighting by drawing retaliation from Israel. He insisted Hizbullah would hold its fire.

"We consider that when the resistance (Hizbullah) is committed not to fire rockets, then any rocket that is fired from the Lebanese territory would be considered collaboration with Israel to provide a pretext (for Israel) to strike," he said.
I like what Charles says about the Palestinians: "such a charming people, lets give them a state."

BTW anyone notice the resistance is no longer resisting? Pretty strange. I thought they won.

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Anonymous said...


Read an interesting threat that went out through diplomats in China, to the nut in Iran. IF Iran wants to keep the Chinese contracts, they better stop the religious jibber-jabber and get back to business.

It should be interesting to see, as I suspect, the Chinese are gonna batten down the hatches on the Iranians; while Kofi Anus searches his anal canal for the maestro stick. It's shoved up there somewhere. He ain't go no army.

And, the french?

Those engineers they're sending to Lebanon are skilled at measuring infrastructure damage. I guess Chirac is hot to get his hands on some American money. Probably thinking Uncle Sugar will pay for all the broken hezbollah junk with American Tax Payer Money.

NOT WHILE THE BLOGGSTER ARE WATCHING. Not as long as we have an Army of Davids running 24/7.

I know Israel's been slammed for not doing "enough." But her 3 week outing was EXCELLENT. Only a few troops were used. All the shortcomings spotted. Israel's a fast study. And, dealing with urban terrorists, now, has Israel and America on the same page.

When the running starts, those men in dresses get handicapped. And, still, thank GOD, the missiles from Lebanon have stopped raining down.

August 22nd? The imam's still stuck in the sewer. Hasn't been able to leave for centuries. And, the nut in iran is facing the music. I guess it will all get incorporated into a very clever diplomatic pants dance. Instead of pin stripes, though, I think the guys outfits include brown bottoms. For Kofi? He's brown all over. But he'll never pass the sniff test.

Can't wait till Condi comes out of her vacation and discovers what the french did to her. She should'a yelled "rape." Is it too late?