Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Lebanese Visits Syria

A Lebanese American relative of The Ouwet Front had to visit Syria on his way to America. He reports:

I can say with clarity that I have a pretty good judge of character. Not just for people, but for all things: plants, animals, rocks, and the nicer-looking ketchup bottles. I typically make a decent evaluation in my head before coming to my once-and-for-all conclusion. Having said that, allow me to expand a bit and state that I could feel dirt and grime start to fuse itself onto my skin as soon as I set foot on Syrian soil.

Yes, Syria. Having no other choice to leave but through there, what else could I do? Now I’m not the biggest fan of these Middle Eastern countries because the people and their governments make them terrible, but surely there must be some redeeming value, right?


Syria, from what I could tell, was just gross. To expand on that point a bit, I’m Lebanese. Now, my country has had the shit beaten out of it for well over 40 years, and it still looks better than Syria. Lebanon, with all its explosions and attacks on the innocent, is still infinitely better-looking than that previously-mentioned shithole. Syria has no grass to speak of and the stench can practically be seen in the air.
There is more including a bit on the "sanitary" facilities in a Syrian airport.

There is a reason he calls the country a shit hole. Read it all to get the ugly details.


linearthinker said...

Don't need to follow the link, thanks. I've had plenty of practice shitting in the third-world. Like the group commander said when visiting my battalion during our ORT, "...put up the damned windshield! I don't need to practice being miserable." I heard an Israeli describe Syria as the rustbucket of the ME...your post confirms that, in spades. "...I could feel dirt and grime start to fuse itself onto my skin as soon as I set foot on Syrian soil."

The Israeli's opinion, more informed than mine, was that an invasion of Syria by Israel wasn't worth the effort. The only reason given then that made sense to me, was for Israel to establish a forward tactical airbase to support raids on Iran. Given what we know now about Olmert & Co, that ain't gonna happen for a long while.

Hey! It's August 22!

What's cookin', Armani?

IMO, the Dinnerjacket is obsessed with the Mona Lisa. Either that, or he's a Nolan Ryan fan, or maybe just wants to celebrate Reza Pahlevi's '67 visit to DC.

linearthinker said...


I've figured out Armani Dinnerjacket's obsession with August 22.

It's Norman Schwarzkopf's birthday!

What's Farsi for "Happy Birthday, Dear Norman, Happy Birthday to you"?


Anonymous said...


Treachery, smeachery. Israel did what she had to do. And, according to DEBKA, Condi played Olmert like a drum. Then she got beaten by the french. Which is typical diplomatic pants dancing, anyway.

Mofaz knew the IDF wasn't up to training standards for the reserves. The past two years falls on his watch. And, Sharon's.

Israel did an Emeril, when nasrallah tried to take Metulla. But only got 2 soldiers to kidnap, instead. Olmert took it up BAM, BAM, BAM. With all of his shortcomings. More than just "a notch."

ALso explained to Bush, (through Condi), that Israel was not going to be the conduit to take out Assad. Sorry folks. That's just on the saudi's wish list. And, mubarak's. Not worth a single Israeli life.

WHile you bet. Today is August 22nd. And, all you have coming up out of the sewers is CONDI's STENCH.

Not bad for diplomatic pants dancing, Israeli HORA style.

Up ahead, when politics gets serious, you'll see Kadima SPLIT. Why not? Olmert can have his weaklings. And, a new-new party will take off in Sharon's steps. Where whoever controls, WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY STINKING COMMITTEES WHO DRAW UP STINKING LISTS.

Well, that's only my opinion.

But I can count. There's no 61 signatures, yet, to take Olmert OUT. And, until America MOVES, militarily, against Iran, ISRAEL'S WISE to use its best diplomatic pants dancer,Olmert. To hang onto his rotations on the pole. Better than a ballerina. He's SNAP. SNAP. SNAP.

By the way, the other person to watch is the midget, Amir Peretz. Sure. He does mustache twitterings very well. Up there with those who can raise their eyebrows. All ready for their closeups. But they speak no English. KAPISH?

Braverman, and Ya'ya'ya'Alon is taking on the Labor's titular head. And, putting themselves into a contest for ONE AND TWO. SO there goes Amir. Twirling through the air like a trapeze artist. But he's really a clown.

Will Labor's rip and tear bring down Olmert's government? Nope. Arik's still using the ventilating machine.

Braverman and Ya'alone, alone, are trying to create media momentum on the left wing. While all Bibi has is Caroline Glick. Not likely to get read by many.

ANd, diplomatic pants dancing is a slow, slow process. Even while the diplomats twirl themselves, silly. Fast.

Bush also learned a thing or two about Israel, here. He's got a friend. But Condi got blown away. Once Bush leaves office there's no role ahead for her, that she can fill on the GOP stage. Doesn't bother me. It's not big loss. And, Bush is nice. She'll be his friend. And, sit next to Harriet Meirs. With invitations to Camp David. Until Bush's term ends.

So? Ya know what's ahead? Election stakes in America REV higher as soon as November 7th passes. You'll see real maneuvers now for Condi's job. And, for better voices to reach the public. And, the "behind the scenes" sectors as well. As to the Suadis? They won't have a friend in the next white house. like they do now.

AND, if Bush pushes the military button, we may yet see a general or two emerge. WW2 also produced heroes. Wars to that. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


Wow! That moved fast! This morning I read that Braverman AND Ya'nvr'alon, were making moves to go for Amir's head.

NOW, I just read, again Ha'aretz, more dirt. Ya'nver'alon, is joining Likud. SO BIBI can go into the government, and Y'alon gets AMIR's seat.

Where will the Putz Peretz go? He tried to stick his hands on Finance. It was a NO-GO. Anybody stupid enough to do a dance around this, and NOW hand him the Finance portfolio? Raised eyebrows trumps twirling mustachios. Hope somebody's got the filler information.

Because it looks like Olmert's not folding, if Bibi's trying to get INTO government, now. Doesn't Bibi have to toss someone out of a seat, to bring Ya'not'alon into the Likud. Just a dozen doughnuts. Doesn't add up to a baker's dozen, ya know?