Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Israel's war with Hizballah was kind of strange. Jab and retreat. Jab and retreat. Over and over. In larger and larger numbers until in the last 48 hours Israel's strength, mobility, was unleashed.

What kind of crazy battle is that? If it was planned, it is called a
reconnaissance in force. Its purpose is to collect intelligence and see how the enemy responds to a given type of attack or more technically, judge his capability.

Once that is assessed, lessons learned digested, units are rested, new equipment installed, software modified, and new plans are made, you go back and finish the job.


Anonymous said...


Yup. Ancient text book. Sun Tzu. Said a strong military should act weak. And, be deceptive. Olmert, here, then, will come out among the best.

Plus, the IDF did what it had to. It retrieved evidence of all the evils that were feeding nasrallah's stream.

And, the books haven't been written yet. We're still dealing with the AP and Reuter's perpetual LIES. And, fake photos. But what fell down in lebanon was due to POOR BUILDING CODES. Especially since this also falls in nasrallah's corrupt lap. He didn't build according to CODE. And, he jeopardized civilians. Finding willing accomplices who planted missiles in their living rooms.

Plus, Debka says there were behind the lines communications set ups in SYRIA, feeding nasrallah. So all the tech toys that Israel had used to cut into the enemies communications lines, FAILED. But the hardware was retrieved from bunkers. So both Israel and the USA are taking long deep looks at this.

We're not through with wars in this area.

While in Israel, you've got Mazuz, on the one hand, trying to muddy up the waters by accusing Katzav and Ramon of tongue dipping into secretaries, and exchanging saliva. NOT JOBS. Halutz, on the other hand, is a marked man. For selling out his portfolio on INSIDER KNOWLEDGE. He goes unpunished? The IDF seems to have built more alliances among the monkey press, than with the PEOPLE.

And, up ahead, when this whole thing disgorges, I'm not so sure Olmert goes without a job. And, I'm not so sure LABOR survives. Since between Mofaz and Ben-Eliezer, there's enough blame to go around. And, Amir Peretz is NOT SHY about assigning blame. If ya know what I mean?

Interesting time, ahead.

Meanwhile Arik Sharon remains on life supports.

The next war? If it were closer, I'd say that Olmert stood a chance of losing ground. On the other hand? He has an interesting tale to tell about the UN. Kofi. And, Condi. Fer shur. A best seller.

Mazuz? Can he really make hay on tongue licks?

linearthinker said...

Yoni the blogger provides some insight in two posts:

A battalion commander's anger,


Shabak Head Diskin Slams Government

Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin has issued a scathing attack over the government's conduct during the recent war in Lebanon, charging that "during the war, government systems collapsed completely."

I've heard regular interviews with Yoni on the Hugh Hewitt show. He speaks with the quiet confidence of one who's been there...20 yrs IDF.

linearthinker said...

Sorry for the bad link. Try this

A battalion commander's anger,