Friday, August 18, 2006

You Say You Want a Revolution?

My favorite Syrian blogger (although we often disagree) left a link in a recent post ( Cash Flow Jihad Meets Aftermath ) that I think points out a changed strategy for America and its ally Israel in the war on Islamic fascism. The new strategy is not about militarlily defeating countries that support terrorists and then doing the thankless job of nation building, with the nation builder taking the vast majority of the blame when things do not go well.

The new strategy is to create the conditions that will induce the people of a given nation to overthrow their own government, giving them the incentive to do their own nation building.

Fares says:

I was ready to defend Syria against an eventual hypotetical Israeli agression targeting Syria. But I don’t mind seeing the people of Syria uniting and standing up peacefully to see this regime expelled out of Syria. Syrian People just like Lebanon have a lot of friends too but the regime friends are fast dissapointed. The regime can count only on lunatic unreliable Najjad who wants the soul of Syria plus tacid Israeli support which has kept Bashar in place the last 2 years for the sake of stability.

Not much longer…Syria will be free soon!!! Syrian will be able to question and topple governments soon when things go wrong just like Israelis do. To isrealis I say! no one wants to destroy you! give just Peace a chance and let’s start a fresh page. Let’s exchange olive branches instead of bombs, peace speeches not hate rethoric.
As you can tell Fares believes in peaceful overthrow of opressive governments.

Israel with this war may have created the conditions for just such a revolution in Syria and Iran. What if Hizbollah uses its armed might in a Lennist type coup d'etat? Well at least they will have to deal with the chaos any revolution entails and although Syria may be worse off, its enemies will face the same old same old.

So Fares, if you do get your revolution, you may have to defend it with guns and your lives. Be prepared.

Update: 18 Aug '06 1847z

A commenter reminds me of a famous Jefferson quote which I had meant to include. Thank you anon.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the with the blood of patriots and tyrants."


Anonymous said...

How often have oppressive regimes ever gone away peacefully?

SOP for oppressive regimes is to maintain power by instilling fear into the populace, which is why they're rarely toppled from inside their territory.

Jefferson had it right "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the with the blood of patriots and tyrants. "

Anonymous said...


I actually think Israel got just what she wanted out of this "skirmish." She proves that the UN is a worthless tool. And, she's totally withdrawn back to her slot. Even the sea blockade is off.

Nasrallah's stuck with lots of broken stuff that he needs iran to send money to fix. And, there's nothing like arab businessmen burning through money.

America is now also aware that Israel won't keep the neighborhood clean. The eypgtians and saudis who never say thanks to Israel, will have to go to UNCLE SUGAR to get relief. And, as far as I'm concerned, Israel can wait for America to move. Rather than being the "catch all" that even goes in to destroy iran's nukes.

Israel is also learning to flip the UN. By playing weak. And, letting the UN crap flow. Because next time whatever the anti-Semites promise, will have to be proven on the ground. In other words, "troops and stuff like that" as mere promises? Nope. They'll first have to form on some island, somewhere, and prove they've got the mojo. In other words NO CREDIT. CASH ONLY.

True, the two kidnapped soldiers are not returned. But Israel's gained experience. ON THE GROUND. Where they know where the bunkers are. And, what the russian supplied hardware looks like, from the iranian supplied missiles. Learned it. And, lived. To gather up from the information what needs to be done.

Carnage ahead. If any missile flies in I can assure you that Israel's air force will dump carnage. Gone are the leaflets. Gone will be the warnings. Because ALL will be retaliation.

The arabs flap their tongues? They also flap their lips. And, they still race into their tents.

Condi? Alas, politically damaged. As is Olmert. Who has already broadcast that "convergence is dead." And, soon to be dead, his chances of getting elected, again. A reality that has hit other MK's as well. Behind the scenes? REALIGNMENT. Olmert's probably buying real estate in Paris right now. While the rest of his incompetents will be out of jobs.

And, the soldiers, coming home. Where the country's small. Will identify those in the IDF who need to be swiveled out of their chair. You bet. Home grown replacements readily available.

Livni? I didn't even know she didn't speak english. But her career is over, too. And, Shimon Peres? I think the tables have turned. And, he landed under the one that tossed the UN onto its head.

That Israel is back into its slot? No missiles flying in. And, let the arabs count their own dead. Because half of all the civilian toll, fell on them. Even though they're called Israelis. I think the "outposts" expand. Nobody will dare to tell Israel anything. And, as I said. Olmert's as good as dead. So is Arik Sharon. Funerals. And careers down the drain. Along with Halutz' brainstorm to "sell." Insider trading's a no-no. I thought he knew?