Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bekaa Ground Raids

Israel is doing commando raids in the Bekaa.

The IDF said the commandos entered Lebanon "to prevent and interfere with terror activity against Israel, especially the smuggling of arms from Iran and Syria to Hizbullah." The military claimed that the force completed its mission successfully, and that such operations would be carried out until a multinational force was in place to prevent Hizbullah's rearmament.
The Israelis could be there a long time considering the rate troops are pouring in. France just sent 50.
The IDF said it was aware that the operation was risky and could spark a new round of violence with Hizbullah including the possible renewal of Katyusha rocket attacks on northern Israel. Despite the risk, the IDF decided to go ahead with the operation, which it said could not have been carried out by the air. A senior officer said last week that the IDF was allowed to bomb weapon convoys crossing into Lebanon from Syria on their way to Hizbullah.

Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr threatened to halt deployment of Lebanese troops if the United Nations did not intervene against Israel. After an evening meeting with UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen, Murr said the UN official was traveling to Israel and would discuss the matter there. "We have put the matter forward in a serious manner and the UN delegation was understanding of the seriousness of the situation," he told reporters. "We are awaiting an answer."
Serious matters deserve serious discussions and possibly a serious reprimand accusing Israel of unfairly protecting itself. Kofi Annan promises harsh rhetoric in harsh tones. And if Israel doesn't behave he will what? Pull out the UN troops and let the fighting restart?

And the Lebanese Army will not deploy further? Geeze, that is really scary. What if the war starts again? You can't make this stuff up.


linearthinker said...

IDF: "A special IDF force operated overnight inside Lebanon. The goal of the operation was to disrupt and prevent smuggling of weaponry from Iran or Syria to Hezbollah. The goals of the operation were achieved in full.

The IDF stresses that until proper monitoring bodies are established on the Lebanese borders, operations meant to disrupt and prevent weaponry smuggling into Lebanon will continue".

Sanoria: The Israeli operation was a "flagrant violation" of the U.N. truce.

Coffee Enema: Via Drudge and AP: "Annan: Israeli Raid Violates Cease-Fire..."

Nazrallah: ...

Armani Dinnerjacket: ...

Chirac: ...

UN envoy dispatched to Israel for serious discussions.

Israel has ample intelligence to back its claims. Have these claims been disputed, or are the usual suspects just venting? This scenario was predictable before the Resolution was voted on.

Who's winning, indeed?

M. Simon said...

Line art thinker,

I am greatly amused.

The dogs have gone silent.

Keep up the good work.