Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hizballah Losing More Hardware

After a lot of bluff and bluster. After losing a lot of bunkers. Hizbollah is losing a lot of its favorite hardware.

The Lebanese army has made a major seizure of weapons in southern Lebanon, Prime Minister Fouad Saniora was quoted as saying in a French newspaper on Tuesday.

"The army has been seizing certain weapons, that is confirmed," Saniora told a group of four journalists, including Le Monde's correspondent, accompanying U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to Beirut.
I guess the March 14th Cedar Revolution folks are serious about kicking Hizballah out of the country. Israel must have kicked their butts very severely. It is beginning to look more and more like a "no mas" moment.
"We are not the enemies of Hizbullah," he said, "but we will tolerate no armed presence, either carrying weapons or wearing uniforms."

"No area will be off limits to the army," he said, vowing that Lebanese forces would "confiscate any weapons that it finds".

"That is already what is happening in a firm but friendly way."

Le Monde's correspondent quoted "informed sources" as saying that Hizbullah was "trying to rearm as quickly as possible" and that the Lebanese army was "doing its best" to intercept shipments allegedly coming by land from Syria.(AFP)
And yet no one is disarming or bothering the Israelis who are doing most of the truce "violations". Most of the indication's I've seen so far show Hizballah withdrawing not rearming. At least for the last few days. So either the French information is out of date or the French are covering for Hizballah's retreat. Or there is the possibility that it is something else (most common suggestion is I've lost my mind - well you know a mind is a terrible thing to lose).

Hat tip (and worth a read on the subject) Beirut to Beltway

Update: 30 Aug '06 1738z

The Captain's Quarters has a different view.

Update: 01 Sept '06 1422z

Captain's Quarter's discusses Assad's promise not to re-arm Hizballah.


Anonymous said...


Victory is sweet. But it won't be advertised. Sort'a like the stuff the Mossad does. Inside the beltway they know. And, outside the beltway the enemies are still barking.

By the way, M. Simon, I can't thank you enough for telling your readers about STRATEGY. Liddell-Hart could be writing his book, today. That's how good it is!

And, I love how early on he recognized that atomic bombs were worthless. As a matter of fact he predicted warriors would be put back to using their NOODLES. And, BRAINS were more important than brute force.

For this reason, the IDF will point out, (evenutally, but not yet), what made the summer war such an imporant point. It absolutely gored nasrallah.

While down in the south, Gazoo is losing its MSM coverage!

I know we didn't expect to see much. Just the faux-photography. But if you want to talk about retreats; as long as Israel KEEPS A LOW PROFILE, she just goes about her business. And, she keeps her troops busy.

I'm sure Arik Sharon saw this. At least down in Gazoo. Where neighbor would turn against neighbor, and the violence would grow.

I'll even venture to guess; since there have been such cutbacks in the reportage you'd usually get ... And, I did see a "warning" that Americans can't go into Gazoo. Not even those who come to "aid" the palestinians are safe. Or welcome. That this will cut down on their one success. Which for the longest time has been PR.

While at home, with Fitzgerald's case unraveling (Armitage finally admits he's the link.) What can the MSM do? Perhaps, Hillary will dye her hair black? That would get great coverage!

Condi, meanwhile, I think has lost steam. So if she comes and goes after vacation, she may get treated as I see Kofi Anus gets treated. A quick photo-op, hardly worth the price of fuel to fly in and out of Mideast capitals.

That's how things will change. The stories will die out.

Olmert will still be prime minister. And, Amir Peretz will meet with anyone who calls him to set up a meeting. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

dunno. maybe the whole story is already out and I just didn't get the memo. But it wouldn't surprise me if the perpetrators of this fox abduction turned out to be westerners themselves.

But not this guy:
"Hizbullah representative in Iran Muhammad Abdullah Sif al-Din"

M. Simon said...

I have even heard theories that it was a Mossad operation to discourage reporting on Gaza.

The US has issued a travel advisory for Gaza. It is a no go zone. Aid workers, reporters, whatever.

Anonymous said...

I guess the March 14th Cedar Revolution folks are serious about kicking Hizballah out of the country.

Balls. Annan was visiting, and the international community wants a fig leaf so they can pretend this charade is real. Hezbollah can make up any lost arms within weeks.