Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hizballah Joins Cash Flow Jihad

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Bush administration is working to squeeze Hizballah's assets in addition to the damage already done by the Israelis.

The Bush administration moved on Tuesday to isolate a Lebanese organization financially for allegedly funneling money to bankroll Hizbullah's terror.

The Treasury Department's action, which covers the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, or IRSO, means any assets belonging to the group found in the United States must be frozen. Americans also are prohibited from contributing to the organization.
That is a good start.

The Hizballah guys are no slouches at fund raising. They set up their operation so you could have donated to specific projects. People always like it better if they know what their money is used for.
"Solicitation materials distributed by IRSO inform prospective donors that funds will be used to purchase sophisticated weapons and conduct operations," Treasury said. "Indeed, donors can choose from a series of projects to contribute to, including, supporting and equipping fighters and purchasing rockets and ammunition."
Isn't that special?

Well it looks like the rocket fund has been severely depleted. Not to mention the bunker fund and the well equipped fighter fund. I wonder if they have a gasoline fund for hauling what is left of their equipment out of Lebanon? Or a refugee camp fund for all the people who no longer have living accomodations? My guess it that they will just cheat and siphon the cash out of the various funds for unnamed "necessities".

Update: 30 Aug '06 0757z

Snapped Shot has more on Hizballah finances including the strong possibility that the US currency they handed out maybe counterfeit. They have some evidence and a number of opinions.

Snapped Shot is providing more updates on The Funny Money Scandal.

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Update: 31 Aug '06 0730z

Strategy Page discusses Hizballah's loss in the war and some of its economic dimensions.

Update: 01 Sept '06 0733z

Karridine has an MP3 about the Cash Flow Jihad.

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C. Owen Johnson said...

Thanks for your comment on my piece over at Shrinkwrapped. It's true I only gave a passing mention to our efforts to block the jihadis' cash flow,not becuase it isn't important but mainly out of concern for space. Hitting about 13,000 words for what was intended to be a blog post, I felt the needed cut somewhere.

Actually, each section of my piece could be fruitfully expanded to discuss such factors the detail they deserve, and your work would provide an excellent basis for that topic.