Sunday, August 13, 2006

Are We At War Yet?

Tiger Hawk asks what it will take to get the Western world on a war footing. He then looks more specifically at the American scene. He mentions a Victor Davis Hanson piece on why the Europeans had so much difficulty waking up in the 1930s and how we are mostly in a similar situation today. Tiger Hawk has invited comments or suggested others blog the situation and link to his piece.

Gates of Vienna has an outstanding piece covering Tiger Hawk's question. They have a lot of neat WW2 posters showing the attitudes of the American people once America was in the war. It wasn't pretty by today's standards. Very un-PC. A lot of Krauts, and Nips. Huns and Japs.

Then the Baron and Lady D ask when are we going to get down with the Ragheads?

Comments invited.

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