Saturday, August 26, 2006

Iran to Enter Cash Flow Jihad Zone

John Bolton American Ambassador to the UN promises to institute sanctions on Iran with or without the help of the UN (i.e. Russia and China ). Note: the imposition of sanctions (which used to be called a blockade) is an act of war.

WASHINGTON-VIDEO: Even after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated the Iranian heavy-water reactor Saturday, the US will have a hard time convincing Russia and China to support sanctions in the Security Council. Official sources in Bush's cabinet said to newspaper Los Angeles Times that if these efforts fail, the US will try to build an independent coalition to impose sanctions on Tehran.

According to the newspaper's headline report, the countries that will participate in a coalition against Iran will freeze assets and will impose sanctions on commerce with Iran. This upcoming Thursday the ultimatum put forth by the UN to Tehran to halt uranium enrichment within the framework of UN Resolution 1696 will expire.

The US believes that Japan and the European trio - Germany, France, and Britain – will provide the base for international rallying outside the Security Council in the case that Russia and China block the sanctions.
Bolton is trying to get the banks of the world to do to Iran what they did to Hamas. Stop dealing with them.
Bolton clarified in the interview that the US would focus efforts to pressure Japanese and European banks to stop doing business with Iran. This is a hint that the US Treasury Department is holding talks with other countries, which Bolton refused to identify. The Treasury Department reported that they are already seeing the fruits of this effort, including a decision by Switzerland's Union Bank to cut off relations with Iran.
Iran of course expected this which is why it withdrew $30 to $35 bn in cash and gold from European banks. However,the money will only last so long. Plus it is hard and expensive to move cash around. It is why International Banking was invented. Iran will become dependent on the banking systems of Russia and China. It can't be a happy thought for them. Control of the transmission of bits is the high ground in this war.

Iran is having money troubles. Hamas is having money troubles. Hizbollah is having money troubles. I think I detect a pattern here.

Update: 27 Aug '06 2328z

Captain's Quarters is of the opinion Hizballah lost.


Anonymous said...


M. Simon, what I'd like to see you figure out is how well Olmert played the hand he was dealt. While the MSM thought they'd make him a victim. And, Israelis would pull him out. While very few citizens seem not to want new elections at all.

What Olmert knew almost at the beginning of the conflict, when he chose to go in and fight nasrallah; was that he wanted something that would last a few weeks. And, not be done in short order. He knew the UN was handing nasrallah information about IDF logistics. And, movement. So that's why it looked so confusing. Someone in the IDF was bright enough to turn these UN ventures on their head. While, somehow Israel also got a gist of what types of battlefield communications nasrallah was using. (Here, I'll bet it was hidden away in syria.) But syria decided not to engage the IDF.

Now, we hear that nasrallah is getting all the more missiles back. Where is he going to put it? All the infrastructure nasrallah built, has displaced about a million shi'a. Homes are flattened like pancakes. Where will these missiles go, now? And, since TO hide them, you first have to GET them; whose to say that Israel, which flies over lebanon all of the time, isn't aware of this?

So, let's say, there's a next time?

It won't be like the 3 weeks you just saw. And, Olmert already knows the political landscape. While on the political landscape, Bibi gained no new ground.

(Of course, years and years ahead on the Mazuz spit trail. But so what? Katzav isn't really a "player." He's a figure-head. And, it's the LEFT who wants to incorporate the presidential powers. As if Dahlia Itzik isn't in enough trouble; given how little Olmert trusts her, already.

Up ahead? There's always political expediencies and alliances. What are Israelis discussing with each other?

The MSM is gonna fool them? Run bad press against Olmert to see if Israelis line the streets, carrying signs against Olmert's government? You've seen this?

As to the future, even with france, stomping all over Southern Lebanon; and even with the lebanese army coming into an area where they had been locked out of for more than six years, you don't see pressures on nasrallah? Seems new goons in town mean the pot the mafia splits gets splintered. With so much building, ahead, also needed. Israel was smart to use any excuse just to get out of the way.

While the UN hasn't won brownie points. And, Condi, in my book, has no potential at running for anything in 2008.

When 2008 rolls around a lot of Americans are gonna be tired of Bush. Tired of a man who can't speak in straight sentences. Even though he's done a pretty good job softening the future battlefields. He still lacks the ability to galvanize people through speech.

Olmert? Oh, he's a smooth talker. But everything he says, he DOES THE OPPOSITE. So why do you think Olmert can't hang on? While IF Israel has to go back into lebanon, it won't look like the "mapping out" that was done this summer.

And, I'll put some money on the expectation that Bush has to do his own laundry cleanup in the Mideast. Otherwise Iraq and Afghanistan grow into republican pus postules. Not Israel's job to lance!

Wait till you put it all together. And, note how the MSM was going after Olmert, thinking a whole angry mob would show up. To make short shrift of him. While I think Israelis are way too smart for this idiocy to do much harm. Oh. And, the bunkers in the north can be fied up for future use. More A/C. More things people thought were lacking. Again, better for the Israelis to learn this stuff. While nasrallah won about as much as assad. Israel just survived another arab attempt to destroy her, though. Bush still doesn't want to touch the stinking saudis.

Mark in Texas said...

Well, here's my modest proposal for how to deal with Iran.

First work out a deal with Saudi Arabia. We blockade Iran's ports. Any Chinese tankers are redirected to Saudi Arabian ports where they can go to the head of the line and fill up with all the oil that they want at the prices they had negotiated with Iran.

If that means that there is not enough for the Europeans, well, they never tire of telling Americans how much more efficient they are when it comes to consuming energy.

I am sure that the Russians will be happy to sell oil to the Europeans at higher prices. If the Europeans wanted to cooperate in making Iraq secure enough to where oil production increased enough to make up for the lost Iranian supplies we would sure appreciate the help but I am not going to hold my breath.

When the Iranians react, we can remove their air force, their navy and then their oil terminals and their oil refineries.

We can also take the opportunity to recognize and sign mutual defense treaties with the various new Arab, Kurd, Azeri and other republics that wish to seceed from the empire of their Persian oppressors.

TonyGuitar said...

Carol Herman via anonymous said . .
So let*s say there*s a next time. **

Suddenly, or much sooner; Will we be off balance? Taken by surprise?

I think the CURRENT loading up of modern big scale weaponry going on as we speak, into the Gaza from Egypt is only part of a much bigger mess to come.

I am surprised that so many think there is a simple conflict between Hezbollah and the IDF.

Mark, in Texas said . . .

When the Iranians react, we can remove their air force, their navy and then their oil terminals and their oil refineries.

The Iranian military gets a hit in self defense? Yes!

Hit Iran*s oil ifrastructure? No!

That is the property of Iranian citizens who are very sorry about how they voted and while very Nationalistc, they prefer freedom and democracy and most would like to dump Mahmoud and his fascist clerics.

That would only upset China anyway. The multi-Billion$ pipe lines across Pakistan to China are not fully complete yet.

China has intense fears that it*s lifeblood energy deliveries by sea can be disrupted. Thus the reason for the land based pipelines.

Don*t fool with Momma China*s oil deliveries. The mess could be ugly. = TG

M. Simon said...

Tony's link:

World Net Daily

Anonymous said...

Check out Big Lizards posts for "the plan" we seem to preparing for Iran. The only part of Iran's oil infrastructure that would be attacked is their oil refineries, Iran already has to import much of their refined petroleum products.