Sunday, August 13, 2006

Broken Agreement? More War?

The Captain's Quarters has a very interesting bit of news:

The cease-fire agreement appears to have created a crisis in Lebanon's government, as a Cabinet meeting of Siniora's government has been abruptly cancelled. The Cabinet was supposed to vote on a plan to deploy their army into southern Lebanon and to displace Hezbollah. That has now been indefinitely delayed -- which means that Israel is not bound by the agreement to stop fighting:
The Captain has a link and a qoute about the Lebanese Cabinent Crisis.

Then the Captain follows up with this very telling comment.
Unless Siniora gets this resolution adopted in the next couple of hours, Israel will push past the Litani into Bekaa -- and this time they will have the tacit endorsement of the UN Security Council.
The Bekaa? Well what do you know? My low morale of the last few days may not be the correct attitude after all. My original predictions of faked incompetence may have been the correct judgement. Happens all the time in war. Beliefs get soundly shaken. Considering I was pretty much alone in my opinion, not surprising. One final point though, I could still be wrong. Always a wise attitude to maintain in a war when the political and tactical situation can change by the hour.


rhyme n rhetoric said...

The Lebanon-Israel war
Israelis increasingly deplore
And with Iran about to
Obtain nuclear how-to
What are they fighting Leb. for?z

Ordinary Golfer said...

I never lost faith in your original summation. The cease-fire always looked like rope-a-dope to me.