Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Concourance

Former Defence Minister of Israel, Shaul Mofaz says what I have been saying.The attack on Hizbollah disrupted Iranian plans.

"Iran's intention was to activate Hizbullah against Israel, but the IDF fighting disrupted the plan," Mofaz said. "As long as Lebanon and the international community won't act against the (Iranian) plan, we'll stand up for our right to prevent harm to Israel."

Minister Mofaz, who already visited the families of the eight rocket victims after the attack, promised that the Transportation Ministry's and his own door will remain open to them. Addressing the fighting in Lebanon, the minister stressed the solidarity displayed by Israeli society, which he said is "stronger than any external threat."
So the rumors that Israel was going to attack Hizbollah at some point and that the July 11 provocation was a good excuse may have some validity.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

08 21 06

Hey M. Simon:
You sure do highlight how deep the treachery goes. I received your last email and mulled over it for quite some time. I hope this fighting ends and that we don't go to WWIII to do so. But I totally agree with you that Hezbollah MUST be stopped. Since your email, I researched a bit on how far Hezbollah had penetrated the public conscience in Lebanon, as well as the government. I was saddened to see how much power they have. This is scary.

I just wanted to let you know that you caused me to think very hard about this issue and have more compassion (I think that is the right word to use).

Hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...


Treachery, smeachery. Israel did what she had to do. And, according to DEBKA, Condi played Olmert like a drum. Then she got beaten by the french. Which is typical diplomatic pants dancing, anyway.

Mofaz knew the IDF wasn't up to training standards for the reserves. The past two years falls on his watch. And, Sharon's.

Israel did an Emeril, when nasrallah tried to take Metulla. But only got 2 soldiers to kidnap, instead. Olmert took it up BAM, BAM, BAM. With all of his shortcomings. More than just "a notch."

ALso explained to Bush, (through Condi), that Israel was not going to be the conduit to take out Assad. Sorry folks. That's just on the saudi's wish list. And, mubarak's. Not worth a single Israeli life.

WHile you bet. Today is August 22nd. And, all you have coming up out of the sewers is CONDI's STENCH.

Not bad for diplomatic pants dancing, Israeli HORA style.

Up ahead, when politics gets serious, you'll see Kadima SPLIT. Why not? Olmert can have his weaklings. And, a new-new party will take off in Sharon's steps. Where whoever controls, WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY STINKING COMMITTEES WHO DRAW UP STINKING LISTS.

Well, that's only my opinion.

But I can count. There's no 61 signatures, yet, to take Olmert OUT. And, until America MOVES, militarily, against Iran, ISRAEL'S WISE to use its best diplomatic pants dancer,Olmert. To hang onto his rotations on the pole. Better than a ballerina. He's SNAP. SNAP. SNAP.

By the way, the other person to watch is the midget, Amir Peretz. Sure. He does mustache twitterings very well. Up there with those who can raise their eyebrows. All ready for their closeups. But they speak no English. KAPISH?

Braverman, and Ya'ya'ya'Alon is taking on the Labor's titular head. And, putting themselves into a contest for ONE AND TWO. SO there goes Amir. Twirling through the air like a trapeze artist. But he's really a clown.

Will Labor's rip and tear bring down Olmert's government? Nope. Arik's still using the ventilating machine.

Braverman and Ya'alone, alone, are trying to create media momentum on the left wing. While all Bibi has is Caroline Glick. Not likely to get read by many.

ANd, diplomatic pants dancing is a slow, slow process. Even while the diplomats twirl themselves, silly. Fast.

Bush also learned a thing or two about Israel, here. He's got a friend. But Condi got blown away. Once Bush leaves office there's no role ahead for her, that she can fill on the GOP stage. Doesn't bother me. It's not big loss. And, Bush is nice. She'll be his friend. And, sit next to Harriet Meirs. With invitations to Camp David. Until Bush's term ends.

So? Ya know what's ahead? Election stakes in America REV higher as soon as November 7th passes. You'll see real maneuvers now for Condi's job. And, for better voices to reach the public. And, the "behind the scenes" sectors as well. As to the Suadis? They won't have a friend in the next white house. like they do now.

AND, if Bush pushes the military button, we may yet see a general or two emerge. WW2 also produced heroes. Wars to that. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


I get just as many (or probably more) bad ideas than good ones.

But I know Condi just goofed. Not because things didn't go well for Israel. Here, I think they did. Just as Sun Tzu said, DECEIVE YOUR ENEMIES. Look weak, when you are strong.

And, there were a lot of pressures, coming from the White House, to Condi, trying to FORCE Olmert into bombing syria. (To make the Saudis happy. And, to solve the sunni problem; where hezbollah, playing with Iran, was encouraging Shi'a development; at great costs to the "other gang." The sunnis.) Olmert played this very close to his vest. AND, BALKED.

Condi then just got used as a tool to the french. Burning up all her own "presidential timber" stock.

Now, even if the saudis "like" the idea of a black woman as Prez; this won't fly. It's like seating Harriet Meirs on the Supreme's Bench. Ill political winds blow back, HARD.

And, Karl Rove is no dummy.

So even if hurting Israel, is a plus to Condi. Or at least, a place she saw no downside. The president has let her "go on vacation." And, Olmert REMAINS IN CHARGE!

Here, I'll even bet Bibi is angling his way into Olmert's government. And, YaYa'lon is about to join the Likdu party. (Not as reported, Labor. WHere he was supposed to go after Amir Peretz with Braverman, in tow.)

Okey dokey. It's possible, if this happens (as rumored, today, in Ha'aretz), then Bibi's IN. And, Amir Peretz loses his portfolio. Goes to YaYa'alon. Hurts Labor? Well, Amir Peretz hasn't really supplied Olmert with a top dog crew from Labor, who listens to what the government wants. But definitely, the music begins. For the game of musical chairs.

Here's my brainstorm. And, remember I don't work for the Bush team. So, I pretty much had this one on my own. But I think GUILIANI could replace CONDI at State.

As Karl Rove gears up for the 2008 race; wouldn't he want a polished Guiliani, able to really take on the mantle of "presidential timber?" It's only if he's show-cased can he do it.

True, Reagan did a lot of leg work to work around the insiders in the GOP tent. But he had been governor. I don't think presidents are found among city mayors. (Or Lindsay would have made it up there. And, didn't.) Lindsay was just another pretty GOP face that faded away.

But what if Guiliani has possibilities with the mainstream? Far beyond Condi's reach.

Wouldn't you, if you sat in the Executive Office, see what bringing talent on board could look like, for later on? Senators don't have a chance.

Okay. What can I do? I'll wait. But it's my brainstorm, first.

M. Simon said...

State is a thankless job.

Every one who takes it gets branded as a leftist.

I don't think it will help the G. man.

Condi is fine where she is.