Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why is Iran still ruled by Islamic Fascists?

A friend of mine suggested I look up Ghazal Omid because of something he said on CNN. I did and this is what I found. An excellent piece on why with so much dissent in Iran it is still ruled by tyrants.

Hundreds of thousands of political prisoners and thousands of losses of life; why then has Iran not been liberated? Why the new blood of a recent political prisoner killed in Evin did not water the tree of freedom in Iran! In recent days, Akbar Mohamadi, 37, a former university student died in Evin prison, due to bodily injuries, after a nine day hunger strike. He has become a controversial subject among expatriate Iranian opposition. Iranians and non-Iranians alike mourn his death but, while his departure should have been the beacon of light all Iranians are waiting for, his heroic death was instead turned into a mockery of his brave act by the chauvinistic opposition who knew little about him when he was alive and has exploited his naivety for their own purposes.

The burning question of why Iran is not yet free, can perhaps answered here: Iranian’s future it is what we make of it. Until people understand that becoming an regime opponent is not just about having differences of opinion with the regime but requires working together toward a common goal of regime change, Iran will continue its regression to a medieval pariah, with nuclear capability, in the eyes of much of the civilized world. Quite frankly, maybe some Iranians both inside and outside Iran are not ready for change because they don’t portray themselves in the political game as willing to seize the opportunity to make the right move. If the so-called opposition were willing to put their own agenda and personal pride on the back burner and practice some of the slogans they shout at their meetings, we wouldn’t still be writing about the future of Iran nearly three decades after the Mullahs came to power.
It is the same old same old. The striving for power even in a so far unsuccessful political movement takes precedence over success.

Instapundit notes the same kind of factionalism in the Libertarian Party.

Ben Franklin put it well during the American Revolutiion. "We must all hang together or most certainly, we will all hang separately".

Update: 16 Aug '06 0232z

Franklin quote corrected by reader Karridine.

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Anonymous said...

Why are we (humans) still beset on all sides with calamities of our own making?

Why do we look at the fulfillment of 7,000 years' worth of prophecies concerning His coming and dismiss it with a sneer and a scoff?

Why is it SO DIFFICULT for humans to OVERCOME our own petty idolatries, and turn to The Glory of God?

Because He came to us through Iran? Because He chose to demonstrate the redemptive power of the Love of God, among the people of THE most politically corrupt, spiritually moribund society in the world, Iranians?

Or do we scoff and attribute His Coming to 'coincidence', smiling knowingly at the 'fulfillment' of Jesus' own promises (Matt 24:14, Luke 21:24, Matt 24:15) and saying 'Hasn't happened yet!' as if this could make Him disappear?

Yes, Iran is tasting and will continue to taste the bitter fruits of what its own hands have wrought, when Iran killed His predecessor, imprisoned and exiled Him, then heaped scorn and ignominy on Him for 40 years (Micah 7:15)...

And Iran will taste yet MORE of the suffering and pain it has chosen, before figuratively falling to its knees in humility before the Lord of Hosts! (an act of collective humility possibly catalyzed by a couple bottles of sunshine...)