Monday, August 14, 2006

Hizbollah's Current Situation

They are losing the Propaganda War and their allies in big media have taken a serious hit.

They are degraded militarily.

Without the Lebanese Army deployement, the UN is not coming to their rescue. Which is another propaganda loss.

The Israeli Army has time to rest and refit and prepare for its next moves. Hizbollah, like all troops manning fortifications, is stuck in place. Why can't they put on their civilian dress and just take a vacation for a while? Because the Israeli Army is not predictable. They could start up under any provocation.

However, sometimes a tactical defeat is a strategic victory. It has happened. The Battle of the Coral Sea was considered a tactical defeat for the US but a strategic defeat for Japan.

In this case, Hizbollah has accomplished its goal. It is still in the field. Israel did not accomplish its goal: the eradication and disarming of Hizbollah.

The big winners in all this? Syria and Iran. Though backers of this war they got out of it untouched.

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