Saturday, August 19, 2006

The French Have Arrived

All 50 of them. That isn't even a company. It is a platoon.

Some 50 French Engineering Corps soldiers were scheduled to arrive in Lebanon on Saturday.

France has pledged to contribute 200 soldiers to the international force to be deployed in Lebanon as part of the cease-fire agreement between Beirut and Jerusalem.

Two hundred French soldiers were already present in Lebanon.
Engineering troops are used for mine clearance, disposing of explosive ordinance (unexploded shells, bombs, and arms caches), constructing temporary bridges, and repairing roadways. It will be interesting to see what tasks they are assigned.

If they start out fixing roads and putting up bridges you will know this is an elaborate French joke.

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Anonymous said...


What I find more interesting is that Israel still flies over lebanon, collecting data. And, last night's commando raid. (Which I happen to think involves KNOWING Nasrallah wants to transfer OUT the two kidnapped soldiers.) I'd even go so far as to say; since we know,per Israel, that iran just sent in new generals to take over, over there. That they'd be able to take "something" out. Into Damascus, where they could be flown to Tehran.

Was this the "big show" Ahma-nut-and-a-ding-dong was planning? You laugh? You wer expecting flying imams? Like flying pigs. No nukes are gonna happen. Unless Tehran tosses one into its own backyard. (Where anything's possible.)

Without night goggles, or seeing very much, I think I smell backfire blowing into Chirac's face. Because he was happy that Condi slipped on #1701. And, she can't sue for damages.

While Bush feels the UN did worse than spitting on his mom, by doing this to Condi. Bush is not a happy man towards Chirac, the french, or Kofi, today.

While just as Nasrallah brags about flaunting the requirements of #1701, the Israelis aren't afraid of him. What's he gonna do? Start lobbing missiles? He expects ACT II to look the same as ACT ONE? T'marra we learn. When the sun rises in the East in August 21st. Sooner over there; than here. I'm on the West Coast.