Monday, February 20, 2006

Capitalism Always Works

Conservatives do not believe it (other wise how to explain drug prohibition or anothter former conservative favorite alcohol prohibition.)

Liberals do not know it. (which explains their hostility to business - businesses do two bad things - they charge too much for goods and services and do not pay enough taxes)

Depressing, huh?

Death Wish

Cartoon protesters threaten to join Al Queda.

Here is a link to some of the cartoons since I dont't put up images here. This blog is for readers.

I do welcome any fatwas on my ass. The blog could use the traffic.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Big Reduction in Imports within 20 years?

America gets about 20% of its oil imports from the Middle East. About 60% of America's oil is imported. So it means that about 12% of America's oil useage comes from imports. A 75% cut in that number as Bushed hoped for in his state of the union address represents an 8% cut in imports. This is certainly possible even likely with better automobile technology including hybrids and the full electrification of all auxilaries including the valves.

In other words if the government did nothing it is likely though the natural improvement of technology that the goal would be met.

Europe Develops a Spine

Little Green Footballs has some excellent posts on the Cartoon Mohammed here and here and Germany, Italy and Spain are covered here and a cartoon here.

Naturally you should read it all. As of this post it is all on the front page so go to LGF and just start looking around.