Thursday, September 30, 2004

Terrorists kill children gathered for candy

This makes me very mad. Barbarians.
Killing masses of children all in a days work for the insurgents

All I can say to the Marines and Army there is. "Get some."

Dr. Yazdi

I have a lot to say about Dr. Yazdi here.
But something I found here An interview with Dr. Yazdi caught my eye:

Everyone must understand that there is a plan by the mullahs. There is an atomic bomb in Iran that is set to explode some time before the American elections. The blame will be place on America and Israel to evoke sympathy from the people.
This quote is from near the end of the last page of the interview.

Here is an interesting link between Judaism and Zoroastrianism. This is on point because Dr. Yazdi is a Zoroastrian mystic.

Blitz the Media After the Debates

Charles Johnson has the scoop.

NK Human Rights Act

The Marmot has it.

As you may not know, judging from the lack of coverage in the West, the NK Human Rights Act was passed unanimously by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday – see the Oranckay and NKzone for the details.

Responses from Seoul have been mixed. One Uri Party official said it was “fortunate” that the linkage between human rights and aid to North Korea was passed as a congressional opinion rather than legally binding legislation, and called the watered-down bill the result of efforts by Seoul and Washington to come up with a more “rational” bill. Uri Party lawmaker Jeong Bong-ju, who led a party of 25 other lawmakers in delivering a signed letter to the U.S. Embassy earlier this month for U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar criticizing the NK Human Rights Act,........

Now go and read the rest.

Up the Revolution

Fighting in Iran Intensifies.

Wed Sep 29, 2004 11:53 am

Reports over the past 24 - 48 hours via several important information services such as SMCCDI, Peykeiran, Zagros and direct email reports and phone calls from Iranian citizens is beginning to shine light on what at this time looks to be country-wide fighting and quickly escalating into what could potentially become a freedom revolution.

Several independent citizen sources have reported the formation of significant crowds throughout the country, and have heard many loud explosions and gun shots, including in the cities of Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz.

SMCCDI and Peykeiran have both reported intense battles between freedom-loving Iranian citizens and the regime's fanatical militias in the village of Meeyan Do Ab. Both sources are reporting many deaths and injuries both to the villagers and regime's forces.

In the past week and recent days, many regional commanders and leaders of the regime's militias have been targeted and killed along with many of their militiamen.

I think the critical point here is that the uprisings are nation wide. This is so much like Iran before the fall of the Shah.

My guess is that the regime is not expected to outlast the revolution. Which is why the Euros have applied pressure to Iran on the nuclear front. They are edging towards the winning side. Craven cowards, they do know which way the wind is blowing.

Another report: A village of 1500 leveled. This is as of now unverified.

I have a report about Dr. Ahura Pirouz Khaleghi Yazdi who according to the report intends to free Iran on October 1, 2004 by flying 30 chartered planes filled with Iranian dissidents into it..... Go visit. Lots of links.

Here is another site about Dr. Yazdi along with count down clock to revolution. As of this posting (12:33z 30 Sept '04) There is about 1 day 16 hours and twenty some minutes to go.

Dr. Yazdi gives a press briefing on 7 Sept '04. This is the Press Release.

DCPersian, an english message board about Iran, discuss Dr. Yazdi on 6 Sept '04.

To me, as an American, he seems a little New Age goofy. OTOH I didn't understand Kohmeni either. So what do I know? There is street fighting every day in Iran country wide. Evidently like Iraq there is no security any where in Iran.

Here is a 20 Sept quote about Dr. Yazdi from 9karevatan at DC persian from this page:
bachaa i just came from iran and everyone loves this guy and if he comes to the airport the government cant kill him because everyone will be there waiting and there will be problemsssssss
Here is more from Liberty Forum:
A respected Iranian ex-patriot, Dr. Ahura Pirouz Khaleghi Yazdi, hosts a news program on a southern California based Iranian satellite broadcasting station (Rangarang TV, which means colorful), has recently announced he is returning to Iran to serve as a catalyst for a regime change in Iran no later than that date.

He claims to have the support of leaders inside the Iranian government and military institutions and has booked several chartered aircraft for his return to Iran with his supporters on or before that date.

Dr. Yazdi is a highly respected Iranian Zoroastrian, but a return to Iran without massive public support and protection would surely end in his immediate arrest. This move on his part is one of the boldest of any Iranian ex-patriot in recent memory.
It is all beginning to make sense to me. There have been numerous reports of public celebrations of the Zoroastrian religion. In fact a day or three ago I made a semi-snide remark about how our American Christans would deal with an ascendant pagan religion. I guess we may find out before too long.

Here is a short bit on the Zoroastrian religion from the Library of Congress from a url called countrystudies.

Here is an interesting bit about the influence of the Zoroastrians on the Jewish religion. you will have to scroll down to find it
The "Evil One"

"After the Exile of the Jewish people and later through contacts with Jews of the Diaspora in many parts of the Mediterranean world, Zoroastrian concepts influenced Jewish thought. Certain ideas about last things, salvation, and Satan (the Evil One) stem from Zoroastrianism."
- Ninian Smart, The Religious Experience of Mankind
Here is what Dr. Yazdi has been up to before he decided to free Iran. There is more at the link but I found this interesting:
Dr. Yazdi's pursuits include various space and environmental projects. His interests include research, sports, music, and nature. Analysis and prediction of world politics and economy are his favorite spare-time pursuits.

Reuters tells the story of pro-Democracy protests in Iran.
TEHRAN (Reuters) Sunday, 26 September 2004 - A rare pro-democracy protest in Tehran gained momentum late on Sunday with hundreds of cars pouring onto the streets, blaring horns and provoking an appearance from hardline vigilantes, witnesses said.

Local residents said Persian-language television channels from the United States had been broadcasting callers throughout the day who had exhorted Iranians to turn out for demonstrations.
Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Iran is on the verge

New deadly clashes rock western Iran

five reported deaths

Sep 29, 2004

New deadly clashes rocked, yesterday, Mian-do-Ab located in western Iran by resulting in several deaths and injuries among armed opponents and members of the regime forces.

The Islamic regime officials are intending to portray the armed opponents as members of a religious cult and renegades but are acknowledging the existence of various ammunition depots.

The official number of deaths have been announced as five but other reports are stating about a much higher number as many in the region have rallied the armed opposition and nightly attacks are carried against the regime forces and interests.

What Did You Do In the War Daddy?

I chased criminal plants. I tore up fields of hemp. A plant that looks like marijuana but has no psychoactive effect. I filled the jails with drug users, letting untold numbers of violent criminals get a free pass to make sure there was room for dealers and users of the wrong kinds of drugs. I let terrorists go free in order to concentrate on jailing people out for a little drug induced fun. Of course I ignored those using the most harmful drugs commonly available in society, alcohol and tobacco.

I started a war to repress the people of Bolivia and Columbia. I did it because some of our citizens prefer snorting Bolivian cocaine to drinking Columbian coffee. I did this based on the same religious intolerance that led to alcohol prohibition. I did this based on Puritan totalitarianism rather than American pluralism. I knew from history that in every single instance of American prohibition that the side effects of the cure were worse than the disease. Yet I persisted.

I contributed to the loss of Bill of Rights for all Americans by taking away those rights from the demonized drug users. I got the rules of evidence changed at the Federal level so that no evidence of a crime is necessary. Just some snitches word. I worked hard to see that such snitches were well rewarded either with money, drugs, or shortened jail sentences. I also worked hard to make sure that profits on the prohibited substances were high enough so that criminals could easily afford to corrupt our police, border guards, and politicians.

I turned some neighborhoods into shooting gallerys where armed bands fought over marketing rights in various territories. If there were not enough murders in these neighborhoods I shortened the supplies of the various commodities to up the economic pressure until violence broke out. If that didn't work I weakened the dominant militia until a rival could dispute its marketing territory, there by increasing the clamor of the local citizens for protection from the armed thugs. It worked. Our budgets kept growing. I worked as hard as possible to see that the American police spent 50% or more of their time chasing Americans pursuing the wrong kind of happiness.

I worked hard to get children to inform on their parents. We got quite a few to turn in their parents for indulging in a substance safer than aspirin. Of course we jailed the parents and made the children jail orphans. Then we decried the breakdown of the family. Such fun.

And while making war on 5 to 10% of all Americans I ignored any warnings of terrorist threats and concentrated on the civil war against users of the wrong kinds of drugs. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

After years of doing my best to enrich the criminal class and destroy America I finally came to my senses. September 11th woke me up. Real unavoidable terror had come to America. What postal worker wouldn't be happy to have avoidable cocaine fall out of an envelope rather than unavoidable anthrax? I decided that all the police effort going into preventing people from pursuing happiness could be better spent chasing real criminals and terrorists. I asked my boss if I couldn't transfer to airport security, the FBI, border patrol, or any other job where I could really fight the terrorist enemy instead of supporting them directly or indirectly. And my boss understood. He was already thinking along the same lines himself.

I'm happy to tell you I got my transfer and I got my self respect back.

This weeks saying:

What is the difference between drug prohibition and alcohol prohibition? Seventy four years so far.

Ask a politician:

Do you support drug prohibition because it finances criminals at home or because it finances terrorists abroad?


This was originally published in the Rock River Times 15 Dec 2001.

It is still true.

We Changed the World - Liars and Idiots Don't Stand a Chance

Here is a bit I wrote about my part in the computer revolution at LGF the world's premier anti-idotarian blog.

In '77 or '78 my wife and I printed T-shirts with an R2 like unit and the motto "Support the Revolution, Buy a Computer". Around that time I desigened and produced the I/O board that went into the world's first BBS. Leading to the personal computer/communications revolution and finally the Internet.

Never have I been prouder of my contribution than in these days of war. With so many false and misleading reports we can now have communities of scholars and just plain folks involved in real understanding and an attempt to get at the truth.

The liars and idiots don't stand a chance.

My original vision was a community of scholars and Nobel prize winners communicating with each other to advance human knowledge. The broader base we have now is much better. Way much better than my original vision. At least I was headed in the right direction. I called my vision the Draco System.

The liars of the media will be dying a slow death. They will be strangled by the truth. Slow and painful. Just the way I like it.

Keeping Order In Iran

Torture in Iran from National Review.

"We will never forgive our parents for having done this to us with their revolution," says Ali, staring at nowhere. "My father said once that they did it because they thought they would get free oil at their door step. Can you believe that? Now, people won't take to the streets anymore. I mean, what for? Every one saw what they did to Zahra Kazemi [a Canadian journalist killed while in the custody of the government in Tehran]. Did the Canadians do anything in outrage? Did the Canadian government take any significant retaliatory step? Every one knows that the mullahs have huge personal savings and investments in Canada. So why should we sacrifice ourselves by defying Lebanese mercenaries in our own neighborhoods? Is the world going to recognize that we exist? Has anyone among the Iranian expatriates supported us? Has any Iranian even come to the refugee camps to see in what miserable conditions we live? We hate the mullahs so much that we could hang every single one of them on every single tree in Tehran, but, so long as we, the Iranians, are only "I" and never "Us" — so long as the West is behind the mullahs — no one will take the matters to the streets any more."
So who is interested in Iran? Who will help the Iranians?

More reports on viiolence in Iran.
Latest reports in reference to the popular demonstrations which took place, on Sunday, in some Iranian cities and especially the Capital, are stating about several deaths and tens of injured and arrested.

The most violent clashes took place, in Esfahan, Noor-Abad of Mamassani, Shiraz, Hamadan, Saghez, Khoram-Abad and Oroomiah (former Rezai-e) where security agents shoot on demonstrators by killing and injuring several of them.
Here are people dying for Freedom and John Kerry wants to make nuclear nice nice with their opressors.

Hitchens has a few things to say about Democrats wanting bad news. He says it with refrence to Iraq but he also says it in the context of the whole war.

November Surprise? - Ratifying Vote Fraud

Here is a bit from the wilder shores of conspiracy. This Newsmax item on voter fraud in Iowa gives me funny ideas.

Vote fraud underway in Iowa?

Now suppose the purpose of the election observers brought in by the Democrats is to ratify vote fraud? It is getting very ugly out there. Or inside my head depending.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Due Diligence

Speaking of due diligence. Short your Iranian shares. New management of the firm is expected shortly. A number of previous investments in Hezbollah, Al Q. and Hamas will be marked to market causing a huge but temporary drop in the current value of the holdings. Values expected to recover in a few years due to more profitable deployment of investments.

US of A and Israel expected to be a big beneficiaries. Due to its limited capitalization compared to the US of A, shares in Israel expected to rise dramatically.

Iran is next

Here is an Iran report:
Sporadic and violent clashes rock center of Tehran

Sep 26, 2004

Sporadic and often violent clashes rocked, this evening, several areas of the Iranian Capital and some of the main provincial cities, as, few thousands of residents gathered to celebrate the "Mehr ritual" inherited from Iran's ancient legacy and qualified by the Islamist clerics as "Pagan".

The demonstrators defied the official injunctions by dancing, chanting and shouting slogans against the Islamic regime, its Islamist ideology and called for the freedom of the country.
Now I wonder if our christian brothers will applaud this return to paganism? Probably an improvement over Islam.

In any case what is happening there reminds me of the last days of the Shah. Revolution is in the air.

Honest Reporting has some interesting things to say about Jonathan Power's view on Iran's nuclear program vs Israel's. It is not what it is who. An excerpt:
Israel is a thriving democracy, where all citizens participate in government and have a voice, where even the most disenfranchised can climb the social ladder, and where injustice can be righted. Democratic nations are characterized by accountability, checks and balances, and recognition of fundamental human rights ― essential elements for responsible nuclear programs.

Iran, on the other hand, is a pure theocracy that institutionalizes dhimmitude (subjugation of non-Muslim peoples), engages in modern anti-Jewish witch hunts under the pretext of stopping 'Zionist conspiracies,' and hangs 'promiscuous' teenage girls in public squares with impunity.

The people at Honest Reporting suggest:

Contact the International Herald Tribune to correct Jonathan Power's distortions, using the points expressed above: Send IHT a letter
When responding to the media, cite Iran's repeated calls to annihilate Israel, Iran's well-documented support of worldwide Islamic terror, and Israel's effective policy of nuclear deterrence, which has actually enhanced regional stability.

The Sands are Running Out

A commenter (Dider) over at Stryker's had this to say:

I think there is something fundamentally wrong with putting another country’s population through strife for something that is not their fault.
I remember that mean old Hitler causing the German people so much trouble. It wasn’t their fault.

You know what we say about crap like that in America Dider?

Most Unfortunate

Good government in this world is a requirement for staying alive.

Who is going to give Iran good government? You Dider? Belgium? Europe? OK!

You have had 20 years. Now you have four months. Time to get busy Dider. The sands are running out of the hour glass. The sands are running out.


Here is what got me started on the Chronic Drug Use is Caused by Chronic Pain track. The important thing is to read Dr.Shavelson's book. The drug war in essence is a persecution of tortured children.


Heroin. The name itself strikes terror into the heart these days. But originally it was named by the Bayer people from the word heroine. Or female hero. Why? Because it was so effective in relieving pain and suffering. If it were legal it would still be one of the most effective pain relievers in the doctor's arsenal. It was also considered such a safe and effective medicine that it was available over the counter until 1914.

The story these days with heroin is different. It not only is not available over the counter, its not available anywhere in America legally.

So where does this leave us today? We have black markets and addicts. Black markets of course require police and addicts require treatment.

An interesting study by Dr. Lonny Shavelson looks into the world of the addicts and their treatment. What do we know? What works? How can addicts be helped?

First we start out with an unusual point of view. Most addicts are in pain. This is quite surprising. It surprised me. I thought they were just in it for the euphoria.

Here is what Dr. Shavelson found in his study of 200 addicts: a high proportion of severely abused children (beatings, rapes, rapes of siblings). He questioned his study methodology. He thought there must have been a flaw in how his sample was selected or in how the questions he asked were framed.

Then while he was doing his research, an article came out in the Journal of the American Medical Association that said that the addiction rate goes up for male sexually abused children. And it doesn't just double or triple. It is 25 to 50 times higher than the rest of the population. Approximately 70% of the women in drug rehab experienced sexual abuse before they started on drugs. In other words, those heroine addicts not in actual physical pain are suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. What is the preferred treatment in America today for these hurt and humiliated souls? We don't deal with the pain that made them liable for drug abuse. We ask that before they can be healed that they heal themselves by giving up drugs. And then we wonder why rehab for hard-core addicts does not work too well. But how could it when the treatment does not match the disease.

So the next time the TV expose shows the junkie with the spike in his or her vein think of what torment that person must be in internally in order to put them in the place they are in. And all too often our response to those suffering is to jail them. Barbaric. Or treatment that deals with symptoms and not causes. Stupid.

Dr. Shavelson has written a book called Hooked about his experiences with addicts. A recent transcript of an interview by NPR with the doctor is available here.

Hooked - NPR interview.


These articles (c) 2004 M. Simon - industrial controls engineer for Space-Time Productions, a Free Market Green, and political activist.

Cross Posted at Classical Values

Hope of Mideast Peace?

There is no hope of Mideast peace as the Mideast is currently constituted. If it was at all possible it would already have been done. It has been 50+ years. Fifteen years since the effective demise of the USSR (which happened in 1988 with the exchange of Defence ministers with the USA).

My personal feeling is the lack of pacification in Iraq is perfect cover for a move on Iran.

BTW Dider if you follow the time line it was Yasser Arafat with his stupidfada who elected Sharon. Barak put a breathtaking peace offer on the table. No serious counter offer was made. No minor technical corrections. Just the “right of return” which is never going to happen. In fact it is possible had the violence escalated that the only right left to the Palestinians would have been the “right to leave". Sharon with his fence has actually saved the Palestinians from themselves.

Well any way the only way to clean up the Mideast is regime change. Iran/Syria are next.

After that we will see what evolves PERT Chart the logistics and slam the next group of Sons of Bitches until the SOBs decide that early retirement is preferable to death and destruction.

Saddam was found in a sewer. Does Abdul really want to spend his last days in a sewer followed by jail? Punctuated by dead sons?

Southern France. The Place for all seasons.

Well just to give you the mood over here: quite a number of us have decided that the Persians would be better off in all ways with self government. We are agitating for just such an outcome provided by America. Military, political, covert action, whatever. Iran has 2 - 4 months before regime change.

If you know anything about military tactics all you have to do is to look at a map to see what is next.

It is a done deal.


This was a response to something posted over at Stryker's.

Kerry Campaign: Running Out of Time

Uh, ya know Mr. "and I served in Vietnam" is not doing well. Not well at all.

Here is the time line

Monday, September 27, 2004

Izzy Deen strikes out

I blame the following:

1. The CIA
2. The Mossad
3. Syrian Intelligence (I know, a contradiction in terms)
4. A rival
5. Iran
6. George Soros (international Jewish profiteer)
7. Mubarak
8. Sukarno
9. Musharif
10. Any one else who comes to mind

Hamas Official Killed in Syria Car Bomb

By Inal Ersan

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - An official from the Palestinian militant group Hamas was killed on Sunday when a bomb exploded in his car in Damascus, Hamas spokesmen and witnesses said.

Izz el-Deen al-Sheikh Khalil died when an explosive charge placed under the driver's seat ripped through his SUV car in the Az-Zahera neighborhood of the Syrian capital shortly after 11:30 a.m.

A spokesman for the militant Palestinian group in Gaza said the killing was "a cowardly crime by the Zionist Mossad," Israel's intelligence agency.

Israeli officials declined comment on possible Israeli involvement. "Some people lead dangerous lives," one of the Israeli officials said.


Well a word to the wise is sufficient. Don't be a bomb or rocket magnet. :-)

Islam vs American morality

Chuck Colson thinks that America if it was more moral would be more attractive to followers of Islam.

Here is my reply to him:

The things the Islamics hate about America are the very things I like. I would not change a bit of it to cater to them. I am not interested in making America more moral. I am interested in helping individuals.

Democracy, whiskey, sexy. Some Iraqis like it and so do I. Much better than the so called piety that passes for religion in some circles. When a man or woman has had enough vice they start changing for the better. Any attempt to prevent vice just slows down the transformation. So vice like church is one of the Maker's tools.

Prevention of vice is impossible. It just goes underground. What we should be doing is saving individuals not trying to reform the country. Why? Because collectivism doesn't work any better in religion than it does in economics.

He that stands it NOW

The title of this post is taken from a speech by Thomas Paine. Here is the whole more famous quote:

The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.
This all came up in a response to Andrew Sullivan's general theme of "Oh woe is me. It is all going to shit and Bush has no plan."

So here is what I wrote to Andrew:

When a war reaches its peak it is very hard to tell which side is winning and which side is losing.

At that point the side with the most "bottom" wins.

Where is your bottom Andrew? Where is your desire to soldier on despite the difficulties and setbacks?

So the battle didn't go as planned. The enemy is stronger than we expected. So fookin what? That is the way war goes. It is an adversarial not a co-operative venture. There will be setbacks. Think of the "Tarawa mother" re: the Pacific Battles of WW2. You killed my son on Tarawa. War hurts.

The side best able to withstand the hurts wins.

So Andrew let me ask - are you helping withstand the hurts or just complaining of the pain?

I used to think of you as a patriot. Today I'd put you in the summer soldier catagory.See Thomas Paine for further info.

When wasn't war hard?

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Is Nuclear Power a Good Thing?

Let me start out by saying I'm intimately familiar with nuclear power on a technical basis. I was trained in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. Probably the best nuclear power training in the world. Like any military training a lot of effort went into dealing with "accidents" other wise known as enemy action.

As a commercial power generation technology it is not viable.


Because it is uninsurable. Now why is that? The risk (at least in America) is low. Why can't it be insured? Because low risk is not zero. And one of the non-zero risks is a wide spread release of radioactive material. A risk in the trillions worst case. Now you can insure a coal plant because even in the event of its total destruction you are only talking billions in damage. Given the size of the insurance pools and the low risk an acceptable bet.

Nuclear power is only viable with government insurance. If the loss exceeds the risk pool guess who gets to pay? All us taxpayers. So that is reason #1. The risk/reward ratio is not commercially viable.

Reason #2. Commercial plants in order to keep the $$$ flowing might be willing to take short cuts. Read some of the NRC incident reports. They make my hair stand on end. Why? They only evidence the usual human stupidity. Which is just the problem. Stupidity is usual. Even for people as bright and well trained as reactor operators. So money stands in the way of safety (which is why Naval Nukes are less of a problem - the military has money to spend on safety that would not make commercial sense).

Reason #3. They do not make economic sense. Wind turbines are coming down in price. When turbine size (on land) gets in the 4 - 5 MW range, wind will cost the same at the bus bar as nuke or coal fired plants. A 5 MW (peak) turbine well sited is good for about 1 MW of base load (if you have enough of them to statistically average). So even though wind is intermittent if you have enough turbines you get a significant base load capability. Generally over the period of a year a well sited turbine will supply about 35% of its rated capacity on a continuous basis. One the turbines get larger than about 5 MW the electricity from them will cost less than coal or nuke electricity. By the time wind becomes a significant part of the grid (above 20%) we will have commercially viable electrical storage. Super flywheels.

Reason #4. Nuclear proliferation issues. All nuke plants produce plutonium. Power plants are refueled around every 18 month to two years. The fuel removed is currently being stored at the plants in water filled pools. If we ever start reprocessing those spent fuel rods we are going to have a lot more plutonium on our hands. A whole lot more. That means we have to inventory and guard it for the next 10,000 years or more. We haven't been doing technology long enough to be assured that is possible. The risk is difficult enough for military purposes. Do we really want another 100 or 500 reactors pumping out plutonium?

And yes I know about burning the stuff up in special reactors - which are devilishly hard to control for reasons too technical to go into here. I will give a pointer for those interested: prompt vs. delayed neutrons. In any case let me just say that the safety issues in a plutonium burning reactor have not been solved to my satisfaction, considering that normal nukes are uninsurable.

Nuclear power is not coming back to America. No matter how progressive your stance on the subject. The two main reasons - it is too risky. It is uneconomical.

BTW in my day job I help design and test aircraft AC and DC power generation systems. The criteria for the design is one unrecoverable failure every billion hours of operation. Given that a fleet of a given design has 1,000 aircraft and the aircraft operate (equivalently) 200 days a year, 24 hours a day, that works out to one total failure every 200 years or so. An acceptable risk. When you think of all the parts that go into such a system a truly amazing level of performance. Now think of a nuke plant with the same level of risk for total failure. The risk is unacceptable.

The Best thing About Blogging

I get to write my own headlines.

Some Good News

Hamas Official Killed in Syria Car Bomb
By Inal Ersan

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - An official from the Palestinian militant group Hamas was killed on Sunday when a bomb exploded in his car in Damascus, Hamas spokesmen and witnesses said.

Izz el-Deen al-Sheikh Khalil died when an explosive charge placed under the driver's seat ripped through his SUV car in the Az-Zahera neighborhood of the Syrian capital shortly after 11:30 a.m.

A spokesman for the militant Palestinian group in Gaza said the killing was "a cowardly crime by the Zionist Mossad," Israel's intelligence agency.

Israeli officials declined comment on possible Israeli involvement. "Some people lead dangerous lives," one of the Israeli officials said.
Living Dangerously

U.S. Air Attacks in Falluja Kill 15 in 24 Hours
By Fadil al-Badrani
FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - U.S. aircraft struck at the rebel Iraqi stronghold of Falluja for a third time in 24 hours, targeting a meeting of suspected militants loyal to Jordanian mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Saturday night's strike was aimed at about 10 militants meeting in the city center to plan operations, the U.S. military said. Eight people were killed and 17 wounded, Anas Ahmed, a doctor at a nearby hospital, said.

It was the third U.S.-described "precision strike" in 24 hours, raising to 15 the number of people killed and the number of wounded to 30, among them women and children, doctors said.
Just an ordinary Arab family outing gone wrong. I blame the evil Americans for working to destroy the foundations of the Arab family.

Israel Launches Strike at Gaza Refugee Camp
By Nidal al-Mughrabi
GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli helicopter gunships destroyed a metal workshop in a Gaza Strip (news - web sites) refugee camp on Sunday, the latest attack in a cycle of violence threatening to complicate Israel's planned pullout from the territory.

The missile strike in Khan Younis against what Israeli military sources said was a facility where the militant Hamas group made mortar bombs followed a ground assault on the camp that killed an elderly Palestinian and demolished homes.

Israel launched the incursion on Saturday after a Palestinian mortar attack on a nearby Jewish settlement that killed a 24-year-old woman a day earlier.
Living conditions improved in Gaza. Industrial site in residential area removed.

Clashes in Iran

These seem to be happening regularly. Iran is on the brink.
More here

Two militiamen, including a regional commander, were killed in a deadly clash which occurred yesterday in the western province of Mian-Do-Ab.

A Letter to the DU

Re:Venezuelan Democracy Process

Why do these Democracy Processes inevitably wind up destroying the economies they democratize?

DeSoto has it down. It is not about state ownership. It is about individual ownership.

If every individual in Venezuela owned a share of the oil it would unleash the economy. People would sell their shares and start businesses. Some would be foolish and waste their heritage. Others would be frugal and just live on the interest.

All would be better off.

We need to promote business large and small. But equally. Same rules for every one.

Really. Socialism kills economies. Even the Spanish Socialists know that.

What we need to do is be MORE capitalist than the Republicans. But not crony capitalism that is as ruinous as socialism. Low taxes for every one (think about attracting the rich of the world to America). Equality.

That is how you take the middle back from the Republicans. A growing economy for social justice. Let us show what Republicans are doing to retard economic growth.

We have to start taking advantage of reality instead of promoting socialist fantasy. You know, Marx, of all people especially derrided socialist fantasy. He was particularly acute about the fact that as long as there were profits there would be capitalism. As long as the profits are honest - improved deployment of capital and labor - we all benefit (even as some jobs are lost others are gained - keep in mind buggy whips).

We need to forget about socialism and help capitaism do the economic improvements faster. When goods are as cheap as air (which capitalism will eventually provide) socialism will be in order.

Real Marxists are realists.


Should you have something to add to the above you can mail the DU at:

Mail the DU

Dump Paypal

Here is why.

Here is an excerpt:

PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy regarding Offensive Material. The Policy prohibits the use of PayPal in the sale of items or in support of organizations that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance; items which graphically portray violence or victims of violence; or items closely associated with individuals notorious for committing murderous acts within the last 100 years. Further, PayPal prohibits a person convicted of a violent felony, or his relatives or associates, from using PayPal to benefit financially from the convict's criminal notoriety.

Now if I post a bit on Islam's bad habits can I get in trouble?

I was going to use the Paypal service.

I have changed my mind.

Fookin petty tyrants.

What does a drug councillor say

I have been geting flack over at Roger Simon's about my understanding that "chronic drug use is caused by chronic pain".

Here is what a drug councilor has to say.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Making the Pledge

The original pledge of allegiance was written in 1892 by utopian socialist Francis Bellamy who's cousin authored the novel "Looking Backward" to express the utopian ideas Francis espoused. Their idea was to create a planned economy to insure social, economic, and political equality for all. So far it hasn't worked as planned. He wrote the pledge for a flag ceremony to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Columbus coming to America. Francis was big in the NEA. (The National Education Association) so the pledge got distributed to schools all over America.

The original pledge reads: 'I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.' Obviously there have been a few changes over the years. There is a site by a man who wrote a book about the pledge who gives a good short history of it.

Let us deal with the pledge as currently written:

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands one Nation under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."

Starting at the beginning: "I pledge allegiance, to the flag ". Why on earth would rational humans pledge to follow a flag? No matter what. Flags have covered the good and the bad. Nixon loved to cover himself in a flag. Does that make me an automatic follower of Nixon if he cover's himself in the flag? I hope not. No real American would ever pledge to a flag. What s/he might pledge to I will get to later.

Then we have "of the United States of America," which was added so that immigrants would know which flag to keep in mind during the flag presentation at the flag ceremony. This at least keeps your average tin horn dictator from appropriating the fine symbol of our freedom or slavery depending. And for a while that flag did represent actual 100% slavery. These days for most of us it has been reduced to about 33% not counting the aggravation. Such a deal.

"...and to the REPUBLIC ". What does it mean this Republic? Why not democracy? We have a Republic because a Republic stands for a government of limited powers. There are things that cannot be decided by a majority. Like the right to speak freely. The right to petition the government for redress of grievances. The right to practice the religion of your choice or none at all. These rights are so fundamental that even if the sections of the Constitution that guaranteed them were repealed they would still be in effect. This is what it means to live in a Republic. The individual can stand up to the state and sometimes win.

"...for which it stands". Well the flag can stand for one thing one day and something else the next. This is not a standing you can navigate by.

" Nation". By 1892 this had been pretty well settled but not to every one's liking. So we needed a reminder. The Civil (such as it was) War and the War for the Theft of California had pretty well settled the issue. One nation - sea to shining sea - with a few minor exceptions. Like women. But I'd say the sentiment was correct if not the actual policies. We are doing better even if progress seems to come by the inch.

"...under God" - requested by the Knights of Columbus was added in 1954. Making the oath a pubic prayer. Well we all know what Jesus said about public prayer. But hey, this is a Christian God fearing Nation. No need to listen to Jesus.

"...indivisible" That civil war thing again. I hear some Mexicans want California back these days. Some things are never properly settled. I note they haven't asked for Texas. Probably too many Texans living there. Some still remember the Alamo. History is hardly ever settled. On any side. Americans are for the most part rational about this though. They want to forget history. It is usually so inconvenient. And thank God Americans hate inconveniences.

"...with liberty and justice for all." A very noble sentiment. And the proper purpose of the government of a Republic. We do not wish to have a government where wealth has its privileges. Neither do we want a government that steals from the poor or the rich. Government was one of the traditional means by which the rich stole from the poor. Today we also let the poor steal from the rich. Pretty soon only the thieves will have any money. We are a work yet in progress on liberty and justice. Gaining ground in some areas losing it in others.

So what would I replace the pledge with?

"I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and to the Republic which it creates, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Since I have already covered the pledge let me cover the changes and one part that I didn't change.

Why the Constitution? Any one can wrap themselves in a flag. It is more difficult to wrap ones self in the charter of a strictly limited government. Every Federal Office holder in America is sworn to preserve and defend the Constitution. It is part of the military induction oath. Ordinary citizens should join in the effort to preserve and defend the Constitution. Especially ordinary citizens.

"...and the Republic which it creates" this is the key. The Constitution founded the Republic. It defined its nature. Codified its limits. We are a Republic defined by a written Constitution.

Now the part that ought to be changed but I left the same. I'm against the "under God" bit as long as it is government mandated. But I will grant that there is a segment of the population very sentimental about its public displays of Godliness so for the sake of sentiment I'm willing to let this pass. We can come back to this some other day. No point in alienating everyone all at once.

That is it. A real American pledge.

At one point though recited in public schools across America the pledge was a private document subject to citizen input. In 1942 it was made a part of the official government flag code by Congress. There was a war on and patriotism needed to be enforced. It says in the flag code that any changes to the pledge must be made with the consent of the President. Well I got news for him. The country is run by the people not the President. At least according to the Constitution. So if you want to pledge to something infinitely more important to the country than the flag pledge to the Constitution.

One other slightly extraneous point. We are supposed to be a free market driven society yet a course in economics is not a requirement for graduation from public school. Why is that? How will we ever keep our Republic free if we don't teach our children well?

Published 03. 9. 02 at 22:52 Sierra Times

M.L. Simon is an industrial controls designer for Space-Time Productions and independent political activist

Cross Posted at Classical Values 22 October 2010.

Genetic Discrimination

In America we pride ourselves on the fact that we have eliminated almost all forms of arbitrary discrimination in our political and criminal justice systems. I think this is a good thing and in many ways makes America so much better than the rest of the world. For example, it is very difficult no matter how long you or your ancestors have lived in Germany for a “non German” to become a citizen. The same is true in Japan and many other countries of the world. Adapting to the language and the laws of your adopted country is not enough if your heritage is not correct. It is attitudes like these that made the fascism of Germany and Japan so vicious. The fascism may be gone, but many of the attitudes that spawned that fascism remain.

Yet America, improving though it is, is far from perfect. There is one form of discrimination that is very popular among the majority of Americans. That discrimination is no different from racism, which is, in effect, a genetic discrimination.

This discrimination that is so popular is also a genetic discrimination, but it’s marker is not as obvious as skin color. It’s marker is addiction. Addiction to sex, to food, to alcohol, to tobacco, to illegal drugs.

When it comes to those marked by genetics for a possible illegal drug addiction, we come down on them with the full weight of the law. We put them in jail, we steal their property, we make them subject to what can only be called gestapo raids at 3 a.m. And like the good Germans we are, not only do we say nothing for fear of the gestapo coming to our doors, some of us actually applaud this effort to make the country safer from the Jews—I mean addicts. The horror of the effort to eliminate the Jews of Central Europe is not that it was a crime unique to Germany. The horror is that given the right propaganda it can be done by any government any where. Even in America.

The genetics of addiction is a very interesting subject. There appears to be a number of genes involved depending on the addiction. In some cases there are not enough copies of a gene to protect the body from addiction. This seems to be the problem in the case of tobacco addiction and the TPH 779C alle. In addition, a version of the dopamine transporter gene (SLC6A3-9) seems to protect people to some extent from tobacco addictions.

Carriers of this gene who start the tobacco habit find it easier to give up than those who have a different version. In addition, those with the D 2 dopamine receptor (DRD2) in addition to the SLC6A3-9 gene have even fewer problems with tobacco.

Another interesting finding in relation to the tobacco metabolizing protein that is controlled by the CYP2A6 alle is that there are different types of that gene in the body depending on whether one is Caucasian, Asian, or African American. So we see that for tobacco “addictions” there may actually be racial differences that align with genetic differences.

Let us look at the mutation of another gene, the FAAH 385. This gene helps produce an enzyme called fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH). This enzyme is responsible for neutralizing cannabinoids that naturally occur in the body. These naturally occurring body chemicals are the same as the psychoactive component of marijuana. So the body can produce its own marijuana and destroy it. All without the intervention of drug dealers and the police. Roger Pertwee, professor of neuropharmacology at Aberdeen University says that if you have a mutated copy of the gene you may need more cannibinoids than the body produces to feel normal. He says this may be one of the reasons that cannabis use is so popular among 10 to 20 percent of the population. He also says that genetics accounts for about one half of the nature of addiction.

Let us see if we can account for the other half. A study by the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich reported here: Max Planck Institute, shows that one of the functions of the cannibinoid system in the body is to help deal with painful memorizes. Now from an evolutionary stand point remembering painful memories can be very helpful if that memory keeps you out of further danger. It is also true though that remembering them for too long can paralyze the ability to act even when necessary. So it is good to remember the pain but generally it is also good, if the pain is not repeated, to gradually forget the memories so a person can “get over it” and get on with life. For some people without the cannibinoid receptor (in the study mice were used) or without enough cannibinoid production or possibly a system that destroys the cannibinoids prematurely, painful memories can be a problem.

In dealing with the human condition, we now have a name for those who have problems dealing with long-term pain memories—we call them Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sufferers. We see them as victims of war, domestic violence, child abuse, and on the job trauma such as firemen and police officers. We know that not all of them have trouble even with very painful memories and now we know why. There is not only a trauma component but also a genetic component.

So in the end, it comes down to this. We are making war on people based on their genetics and their suffering. I can think of nothing so un-American and un-Christian. And yet, sadly, it is not the first such episode in America. I think it is incumbent on us all to make sure it is the last.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Is Kerry the Answer?

Cpl. Blondie has seen some funny stuff.

Here is one bit.

Bumper Sticker #1

If Kerry is the answer, then the question is a stupid one.

She has more. Go visit.

Why do addicts lie?

I was having an interesting conversation with Jamie Irons over at Roger Simon's.

He said:

When I was a second year medical student I had an memorable encounter with a heroin addict. "Doc," he asked me, doing me the favor of pretending I was a real doctor already, "Do you know how to tell when an addict is lying?"

"No," I replied, honestly and innocently enough.

"His lips are moving."
Here is my reply:
Why do addicts have to lie in America?

Why did Jews have to lie in Germany?

The lying is not a function of the drugs. It is a function of the persecution. The above refrenced url goes into a study on the parallels of Jews in Germany and drug users in America.

Why do addicts lie? Because pain relief is more valuable to them than truth. Severe aversion to pain is not unknown. It is the basis of torture.

Now I do believe intervention may be able to cut months off the cycle by introducing drug reductions as the pain recedes. However, trying to get an "addict" to quit before the pain dies down is hopeless. It is in effect a form of torture. And in the places in medicine where pain is recognized, it is considered a form of malpractice to under treat pain.

Did you know that according to the latest DEA reports that it is impossible to tell those in "real pain" from the "addicts" just by their drug seeking behaviors? People in "real pain" will lie and doctor shop to get relief. Just like addicts.

The DEA pdf on pain relief.
or this faster loading review.

Stressed soldiers to be treated with cannabis

Addiction or Self Medication?

Roger L. Simon (same middle initial and last name - otherwise no relation) is getting on to the topic of medicine and has a kind word or two about the drug companies(they do good). They also do what is called in economic circles rent seeking(they do bad). I'm covering the bad. This is a piece I wrote about two years ago. Still true.


"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men, and deny equal privilege to others, will be to constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic, and have no place in a Republic. The Constitution of this Republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." abridged quote --Benjamin Rush, M.D., a signer of the Declaration of Independence

Let me start this little essay on the uses of marijuana with an idea. A very simple idea. An idea that strikes at the very heart of the drug war and it's moralistic foundation. The very idea that those who use unapproved drugs are the lawful subjects of religiously motivated government persecution.

What we call addiction is in fact self treatment of undiagnosed pain.

This is a truly revolutionary idea. If it is in fact true then the whole notion of a drug war to save the children is a lie from beginning to end. Those of you who have read my article on heroin have a window into this new idea. What I tried to show in that article was that medical research shows that victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse ( PTSD ) are many times more likely to get addicted to heroin than the general public.

Let us next look at the case for marijuana.

Natural molecules similar to an active ingredient in marijuana play a part in helping the brain clear fearful memories and keep them from being permanently debilitating. The British journal Nature has reported this discovery by scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany. The scientists of the Institute say that this has implications for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and other fear based conditions.

It turns out that anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States. They are worth $46 billion a year to the pharmaceutical industry. You don't suppose this fact has any thing to do with the pharmaceutical industries being in the forefront of the Drug Free America campaign do you? Of course not. They are just trying to keep you from being addicted to natural products at the cost of 1/10th of a cent per dose when they are more than willing to sell you an FDA and doctor approved, pharmacy sold product that will do the job for a dollar a dose. They have only your best interests at heart. Just ask their accountants.

All humans show fear reactions to dangerous situations. However, in the case of one out of ten people ( surprisingly the same percentage of people who are susceptible to substance addiction ) the fear does not die down in the absence of the dangerous situation. The fear stays at debilitating levels even in the absence of danger. These people have a definite if ordinarily invisible problem. You cannot find this problem with x-rays. It is possible that this problem could be found with a many thousand dollar PET scan. Or you could take a few puffs of a joint and see if that helps. If the joint was legal. Which it is not.

Pankaj Sah of Australian National University believes that chronic marijuana users are self medicating for anxiety problems. He goes on further to say that we self medicate for head aches with aspirin and this causes no social problems. He speculates that people experiencing emotional problems are taking cannabis for relief. Of course since this medicine is not doctor approved it is against the law. Especially it is against Federal Law as a number of states have made medical use of marijuana legal. The Feds in California know how to stop this though. They put the sick, the dying and the pain wracked in jail to show their compassion. You don't suppose it has anything to do with maintaining at all costs the State and Federal $50 billion dollar drug war do you? Not a chance. They are the government and they have only your best interests at heart. Trust them.

You can read a good review of the report here:

Pot like chemical helps beat fear

Let me leave you with a final quote from a Supreme Court Judge:

"Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." Justice Brandeis

That quote and an impassioned speech for the right of self medication can be found here:

The right of self medication


Roger L. Simon calls Kerry's reaction to the Allalawi speech shameful. I call it reversion to form.

Instapundit has more links.

Charles Johnson calls it a disgrace as if Kerry had any grace to begin with. Kerry burned his grace in Paris '70-'71. BTW I'm not disagreeing with Charles. I'm piling on.

Afghanis praying for Bush re-election

The Captain is running a marvelous series on what the military in the field think about how the war is going. Here is one excerpt:

I am also an Army Captain, and was recently involved in a similar discussion while visiting with some Afghan military/business leaders near Kandahar. They asked us "who was going to win the American election" and we told them that the latest indicators were favorable to a Bush re-election. Their response was very positive, and they expressed deep concern for their country if Kerry were to win. "The Afghan people are praying every day that George Bush is re-elected", they said.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Can't Buy Me Love

How trite. You just know we are going to talk about commercial sex. How tawdry. And Wonkette if you are out there. I'm still looking for suitable photos. Well that is another story. Where were we? Here:

There have been reports that the military under the guidance of our President wants to banish commercial sex from the lives of our military men and women. Prostitution will be verboten. Actually it already is verboten. (tell it to the Navy)
Congress is taking up the issue

Rumsfield was sending out the warnings Monday before the Congress got there. Could this be a co-ordinted campaign? Probably.

Could they be co-ordinating with South Korea? Could be a definite possibility. I think it comes under the heading of improving ally relations. Any way The Marmot (at the Korean link) discusses it at length. As well as a short look at commercial sex in the area. And the prostitutes union. You know they want shorter somethings and longer something elses. Maybe. Hey its his hobby. Every man needs a hobby. Well any way. To get more sereious or not:

What I want to know is has the military war gamed the sex bit? Or are they just going into it blind?

How do you get around these kinds of restrictions? No more brothels - homes instead. Love shacks.

Girls will be rented by the day not the hour. Payments will become disguised.

Marriage with the locals will become more common.

Marriage before deployment will become more common.

No more selling sex. Love will now be for sale.

I'm not sure that is an improvement.

The heart of the matter is this: as a tactic to reduce sexual slavery this will do no good. Slavery can only prosper where business is hiden. Openly operated and regulated businesses do not have the problem of slavery. Slavery comes in to play when you have illegals. Illegal people, illegal dealings.

The answeer is to make consensual vice as legal as possible. Think a few counties in Nevada. Course this is America and we like our prohibitions. It makes our vices more exotic while giving a veneer of respectibility to the country. i.e. it is our national sickness. We like nationalizing morality. When we can.

Jim of Vice Squad brings us the troops reaction from the Stars and Stripes the US military's newspaper.

How To Put an End to Drug Users

1. Identification -
pick a relatively small segment of the population with mainly minorities involved in some type of behavior that can be demonized. Drug users are ideal. Drug use is a behavior not considered an innate characteristic. Certain subgroups of the population have cultural affinities for certain drugs. This makes it possible to target the subgroup without seeming to identify innate characteristics.

2. Ostracism -
Good people don't associate with drug users. Drug users are the cause of our problems. If we could just make drug users quit or leave the country most of our problems would go away. Of course drug prohibition like alcohol prohibition is just wonderful in this regard. The black market causes a LOT of violence which at least initially can be blamed on the alcohol or the drugs depending on the era.

3. Confiscation -
Since the drug users are no good and the cause of our problems we will relieve them of their property to pay for the damage done. While we are at it we will make it difficult for them to get jobs. With drug testing we can be certain to identify those who have used most drugs in the last 24 to 48 hours. Or if they have used pot in the last 2 - 4 weeks. Since pot smokers represent the largest number of drug users this is good. It generates business for testing companies. As prisons generate demands for prisoners and confiscations generate demand (and the ability to pay) for more police. Boy are we getting them good now. We have stolen their homes. So their wives and children are on the streets. We have put them in prisons so that husbands can no longer be fathers. And those that haven't met with this fate are prevented from getting jobs. And still they won't give up their vile habits.

4. Concentration -
There are half a million people in jail for non-violent drug crimes. About another half million in for violent drug crimes or property crimes related to drugs. We have arrested over 11 million pot smokers in the last twenty years. We can't build prisons fast enough. And besides they are way too expensive. Too much up keep. Too many guards (whose unions in Calif are asking for stiffer drug sentences - they know a good thing when they see one). Well we have these boot camps for drug users - perhaps they could be expanded. Out in the desert to make escape improbable. We have at least 1/2 million and perhaps 1 million druggies in jail. And we have identified another 11 million. Yep - just what we need camps in the desert.

5. Annihilation -
but as all too often happens in enterprises like these costs mount and profits from confiscations declines. And besides there is no new income because the druggies aren't working. Its getting way too expensive and unsustainable. Well former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had the right idea. Death for sales of 2 oz of marijuana. Well not this year maybe but try again next year Newt. Them druggies got it coming for ruining the country.

And to keep this all nice and tidy we will do all this nice and legal like. With the consent of the governed. Dopers are certainly not a big enough or cohesive enough segment of the population to identifiably swing any elections. Easy to generate consent if only a small minority is involved.

And why am I so confident of my plan? Because it has worked before in Germany against the Jews.

Read Drug Warriors and Their Prey by R. L. Miller whose previous book was Nazi Justiz.

(c) 1999 M. Simon

This is a column I first wrote some time ago. Published widely at the time. The process outlined above is always the same. Gays, Jews, drug users. Targets change. The process remains the same.

We are starting to come to our senses on the drug laws. I'd like to see the process move faster.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

George Bush - Messiah of Freedom

The apologists' desperation is due to the increasing popularity of Mr. Bush who's qualified by many Iranians as the Messiah of Freedom.
more discussion and further links here

Roger L. Simon gives us a pointer. Thanks!

If Roger sent you, you may find this interesting as it follows the topic further

The Democrats are trying to scare the kids

What the e-mail doesn't mention is that the bill in the e-mail HR 163 was introduced by prominent Democrats like Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and John Lewis. There aren't any Republicans involved in the bill. They are introducing the bill to make people think just what the e-mail is trying to make them think. They are also using the bill to drum up opposition to the war. They are in the minority. The bill will never, ever pass. It's just a publicity gimmick and now they're using the bill to go anti-Bush.
Read more on this outrageous scam.
via Roger L. Simon

This is so totally evil I can't believe it. The military doesn't want a draft. It is only interested in people who want to join. We don't need bodies. We do need dedication. In addition the President has made no call for a draft.

So the Democrats draft these phony bills in an attempt to pull a pre-election scam. They really are running a dirty tricks campaign planned well in advance. This is not just wrong it is criminal.

These goofs need to be impeached. Don't these Democrat mooks know that there is a war on?

Iranian hard liners funding Kerry campaign

Regime's apologists pay to boost Kerry among Iranian-Americans

Some of the well known, US based, Islamic regime's apologists and lobbyists have mobilized in order to boost Senator J. Kerry's Presidential Campaign among the Iranian-American community. In that line, paid interviews with their controversial leaders or TV advertisements for Mr. Kerry, with two of the Los Angeles based TV networks, such as "Tamasha" and "Channel One", and "Radio 670 AM" have started since mid-September. But contrary to these three non scrupulous and money oriented networks, all the others, who have a sense of integrity, have rejected the substantial offers made to them.
I have more to say here on the issue:students blast Kerry

Iranian Americans for Kerry. The students are not very fond of these guys. There is a list of what Kerry's intentions towards Iran are.

Roger L. Simon gives us a pointer. Thanks!

Iran Going to the Top of the List

Syria seems to be having trouble keeping the Iranian surrogates in check in Southern Lebanon. Perhaps the job is being given back to the Israelis prepratory to America taking Iran.

A logical move if we are going to see action in November or December. Or any time in the next year. The Syrians are not known for being an especially mobile force so it will take time to reposition, build new facilities etc.

It all points to Iran going to the top of the list.

But I must say the spped of Assad's decision surprised me. Action must be on the near horizion.

The New Middle East

A response to the Bush UN speech:

Without a change in strategy and tactics by the administration, Iraq will be an unavoidable Topic A at the president's annual U.N. speech again next year, with little likelihood of a more stable and secure nation, or world.

I'm in total agreement here. George now has Syria shitting in Baby Assads boots while he is licking George's and saying yassah massah what ever you wants.

So what other fundamental change needs to take place to secure Iraq? Look at a fookin map. Get educated in strategy at least. It can tell you a lot about what is likely to happen next. Now it is American doctrine to avoid as much as possible any deep reliance on intentions. What we look for are capabilities.

What is the American military capable of? Baghdad in 3 weeks? With no help from the locals except passive.

Now look at Iran. We will get active help there. Think: the battle front in France August 1944. Think Mousolini hung out to dry in a gas station. We got the pictures to prove it.

People tell me the Iranian armed forces are much tougher than the Iraqi version. Couldn't say. Not my area of competence. What you are not factoring in is that the Iraqis even if worse were not also fighting a rear guard battle against the citizens of its nation. The Iranians will do no better than the Iraqis and may do worse.

So what is Iran capable of? Scud type missles with chemical warheads? Won't help. It will just piss people off. Merciless muslims who attack women and children. That is going to win friends. In fact it is just those kinds of policies (no respect for the conquered) that made all who came under the sway of the Germans and Japanese in WW2 enemies. There may be 1.5 billion Muslims. As of now you have at least 3 billion enemies. And then the USA and Israel. World powers. How does Israel qualify as a world power? Brains. That is all it takes. America does it even better. We have brains, the best Navy in the world and the US Marines. You know. The guys who gave victory to an outgunned John Paul Jones. No better friend, no worse enemy.

Americans bring order, a chance to do business, and no requirement to remain a Muslim. Whiskey, democracy, sexy. We got what sells.

Pretty soon you ME guys will be behavin just like Americans: work all day, boogie all night, and double on the weekends.

The French should be havin 1/2 so much fun.

BTW hear about the new Euro Peace Force? In the requirements document it shows the need for one aircraft carrier. Neglecting to mentiion that to keep one at sea requires one in port retraining and refitting and another in port getting overhauled. Now who has 3 carriers to spare? What European nation or group of nations? (did I mention the requirement for interoperability? that leaves the Russians out). Hmmmmmmm. Fantasy. Or perhaps they were expecting something from Uncle Sugar? You know I think they have a problem in not making their request known far enough in advance. I think the dance card is filled for quite a few balls not just the next few dances.


My day is made. Faust replies to (aproximately) what I posted above.

Kerry 'n Me

With a new Swiftie ad coming out about Kerry and his Paris honeymoon I thought I would present a little personal history.

In 1971 I was a leftist. Anarcho-communist type (a mass of contradictions there eh?). So when John Kerry spoke about his plan for ending the war it seemed reasonable. I mean who of a certain age wasn't anti-war then?

And then came 30 April 1975. The not unexpected end. Just as John and Jane and a million others including myself desired. Whew. Finally over.

And then the rumors of the re-ed camps (John said it wouldn't happen), the rumors of slaughters (John said it wouldn't happen), the boat people (which John never predicted), the killing fields of Cambodia (which John never predicted). Say you know John and my own gullability led me astray.

And to all the people hurt and murdered because of my stupidity: I am deeply sorry.

Now even Jane Fonda has given some kind of half assed apology. Why not John? Unable to learn from your mistakes John?

So any way. On a very personal level I am not too happy with Johnny the K.

News from the Front

Another Faust War Story:

What bodies?

Where the hell are all the bodies?" Daniel said.

"What bodies?" the officer replied.

Netscape/CNN has it

Netscape/CNN is reporting the Lockhart involvement.

But Joe Lockhart denied any connection between the Kerry campaign and the papers supplied to the network by the Bill Burkett, the former Texas Army National Guard official he telephoned at CBS' suggestion.

Joe is leaving out the very important point that Edwards was giving speeches the next day just on the say so of Dan Ratther. I covered it here in Now we know why

I'd say this aspect of the story can't hold up for more than 24 hours.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

#@%^&#@!^&*$# Reuters

In an earlier post I got this story from Reuters:

Rueters today has it in their www edition as a top story.

Dan Rather, the anchor and top CBS newsman, who faces heavy criticism over the network's decision to air the story, was also not available for comment, his office said.

Bush has never fully accounted for his service during the Vietnam War, when he was given a coveted place in the National Guard while many of his peers were drafted and sent to fight in Vietnam.

The matter has dogged him during earlier political races but became more prominent this year as Kerry emphasized his own service as a decorated Navy officer during the war.

The four memos aired by CBS, purportedly written and signed by the late Air National Guard Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, said he was under pressure from his superiors to "sugar coat" Bush's service record after Bush, then a Guard pilot, was grounded for failure to perform up to standards or to take a physical.

As you can see Reuteurs is repeating the charges. The charges that have all been repeatedly refuted and the only shred of credibility they have is from the now discredited documents.

I should be thankful the first half of the story got it right.

#@%^&#@!^&*$# Reuters

Credibility is critical

You can get a lot of mileage out of one Reuters story:

Aly Colon, ethics group leader at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, said if that is the case, CBS News may have crossed the line.

"Credibility is critical to journalism and anything that a journalist does that raises questions ... about the integrity of the process undermines or potentially undermines the credibility of the report or the integrity of journalist bringing the report," Colon said.
Excuse me Mr. Credibility but Dan Rather has been a big time Democratic fund raiser for quite some time.

Funny none of the ethics people noticed it until now. The system is corrupt. Top to bottom. Fortunately it will get cleaned relatively quickly now that the problem is evident. There is real money at stake.

On the internet the cost of advertising is going down and the effectiveness is going up because the audiences are calibrated almost in real time. Content and advertising are automatically intertwined.

Greed will do the rest

Yesterday the USA today revelation that the Democratic party was directly involved with Rathergate was all over the blogs and thouroughly thrashed out and today other leads are being chased (who is Lucy Ramirez?).

Rueters today has it in their www edition as a top story.

I'd say 24 hours delay is just about the right length of time to give a .99 confidence level. Could the MSM be getting smarter? Let us hope so. They have been caught flat footed on Rathergate and Christmas in Cambodia. FOX is eating their lunch. Greed will do the rest.

Ain't capitalism and competition wonderful?

I've got a secret

The Power and Control folks have asked me to set up a service to aid all those news organizations in search of a story.

We have your secret. Secret memos. Secret plans, secret organizations.

We can provide you with any of those and more. All secret and all conveniently unsourced. Is the USA going to war with Bessarabia? We have the plan. Sending more troops to Iraq just before pulling them all out? We have the plan. Attacking Saudi Arabia from Moon Base Alpha - we definitely have that plan. As you can see we specilize in the plans of the USA but we also have other secrets. Did you know about the Niger double cross of the Italian agent with the French paper work on the Iraqi uranium sales? That was one of our best jobs. Proof? They didn't even mention our name. We have the documents including a sworn statement by Chirac denying everything except the visit to his mistress. Saddam shipped his WMDs to Canada? We can prove it. Whatever your needs in the way of secret documents we have them. And we promise to never ever reveal our sources or where we buy our fonts.

Our planners are busy night and day so you don't have to be. Secret memos - we got 'em. Secret forged memos - overstocked - they are on sale, this week only.

Now as a general rule we prefer to work for Republicans. However, our #1 rule is - show us the money. Money rules. We can't be Republicans without it. However, rich Democrats like Kerry, Edwards, and Michael Moore are always welcome. Provided they act like big spending big shots. I am not interested in cut rate Democrats. At all.

So come on over and place an order. Business has been good, but hey. It could always be better.

Iranian Students Blast Kerry

'sharp criticism of Senator John Kerry, in reference to his declared "Iran policy"'

The article goes on to discuss Kerry's plan for giving Iran nuclear fuel.

Iran has stated that as soon as it has nuclear weapons it plans to nuke Israel. Evidently Kerry is just trying to help them along. Such utter madness.

Well I'm sure that as soon as this becomes an "issue" Kerry will issue a clarification or ammendment, or a different policy all together.

This is telling:

"They tried to scare us, before the elections, by threatening with a costly frivolous law suit, but the Movement's sense of responding to its duty has made them look like poker bluffers caught with a bad hand. Now they're counter sued."

"The funny point is that at this time, it seems that it's our lawyers who have to chase Mr. Nemazee in order to try to bring him to depose in the Dallas Court.

The infamous Mr. Nemazee. I have more to say about Mr. Nemazee's Iranian and Kerry connections here.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Live a life worthy of Heros

Live a life worthy of Heros

via Stryker

American ME policy by an expert on the ground

It's Faust again. I know he plagarizes some times. But it is an addiction. I can't help myself.

A choice quote:

The US is going to pull back and re-position for Iran and we will finish the Sunni population if we need to do that around Fallujah. You only survive because we allow it. If we dispense with any inhibitions you will be pigs for the slaughter.

You have no more chance than the Sioux and the Cheyenne. If you have anything to say. Say it soon.

You are about out of time. Decency is a luxury. Our decency is all that ever stood between you and the grave.
Blood sports in time of war. Ugly. Necessity.

These people think they know who Faust is. In any case there is a delightful bit of Faust that has been making the rounds posted here. You out to read it.

Here is a sample:
You are Arabs and you produce nothing of any value..not politically, or socially, or economically, or philosophically.

You are a dead society with dead values.

That isn’t a racist statement. Its an autopsy of your culture.

And I don't hate you, I just don't want you to rot in my gutter so I have to smell it. Go someplace else to die.

This guy is a Faust fan too. He has more links.

Winners have an air force

And no matter how horrific the terrorist attack, it's conducted by losers. Winners don't need to hijack airplanes. Winners have an air force.
By PJ O'Rourke - the finest Jewish libertarian humorist in America.

Well I was kidding about the Jewish part. Still it is a tour de-force. Read It All. (RIA). He explains American Foreign Policy. My shortened version:

America, which had carriers named Hornet and Wasp has a very simple foreign policy. Don't fook witd us or we start smashing things. Up to and including atoms. But I like PJ's explanation better. Same smash 'em mentalitty with more irony.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Building a better alliance?

By destroying current alliances?

The Captain has it.

The news from Australia?

Diana Kerry, younger sister of the Democrat presidential candidate, told The Weekend Australian that the Bali bombing and the recent attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta clearly showed the danger to Australians had increased.
They have more to say here:
Asked if she believed the terrorist threat to Australians was now greater because of the support for Republican George W. Bush, Ms Kerry said: "The most recent attack was on the Australian embassy in Jakarta -- I would have to say that."
Why is John Kerry doing the work of America's enemies? Why is John telling those willing to help to go home? I'm not just questioning John's judgement.

I'm questioning his patriotism.

Rather mAPES CBS News

Rather mAPES CBS News

Well ain't it the truth?

Powerline has some of the latest plus links to re-caps

and another

The Captain gets some shots across Mape's bow

Steyn says today what I have been saying for a week

Here is a recap of my points on co-ordination between Rather and Kerry/DNC.


This is a letter I wrote to our CBS affiliate:

Rather is an embarsment. It is a wonder you guys can keep a straight face when delivering the news.

But I have a suggestion. To enhance Dan's credibility why not get Joe Baker from the Rock River Times to write Dan's copy? The stories would be no less credible but certainly more interesting.

Perhaps CBS needs a new motto. How 'bout "Unfair and Unbalanced". Kinda catchy and it covers a relatively underserved (until now) market segment. Keep up the good work.

M. Simon

BTW for those not local: Joe Baker of the Rock River Times is a writer for our local free weekly (a paper I write for from time to time). Joe is an excellent drinking partner and a good guy to hang with at Frank's (The Times Publisher) parties. But his writing tends to the uncharted territory side of reality. i.e. a not so secret cabal of Cheney, Haliburton, and the neocons is out to rule the world.

More Smoke and Methanol

I originally got this published at Winds of Change and the Rock River Times around 20 May 2003.

And still the portable fuel cell energy revolution is just around the corner. The problems are still numerous. Lack of pulse power capability. Relatively high temperature for inclusion in electronics. The fuel is poisonous and corrosive.

So what is happening? I'd say my prediction of 2006 is still on track. More prototypes have been developed but actual production still seems a ways away. It is hard to tool up when you still haven't ironed out all the bugs.

Toshiba has some neat graphics. No products so far.

Here is a Hitachi press release from the end of 2003 predicting 2005 availability. Ha.


Not every alternative energy press release is for real, which is why I call this piece Smoke and Methanol.

Toshiba announced in March a methanol powered fuel cell that it claims will be the battery technology of the future. It will have a life of hours instead of minutes when used to power a lap top. In addition recharging or rather refueling will take seconds not hours. A similar cell used for cell phone operation might give days of use and hours of talk as opposed to the minutes we get today. There is one little problem with this technology. It is not real.

Oh you can go to the Toshiba web site and see all kinds of pretty pictures and an impressive list of specifications. Still, there's one specification that you do not get to read until almost the bottom of the page. It says that they hope to have the device in production by 2004.

The key word is hope. Not will, hope. My guess is that they will not be producing a viable product until 2006 at the earliest. You can get anything to work in the lab. You can always have engineers and technicians baby a few copies of a research model. Production today, however, requires a whole different level of control of the production process. You want 99% or better good devices coming off the production line. Otherwise you've designed a production process that produces scrap.

When you have a technology you're sure of, you announce a sale date. When it's iffy, you announce a hope by date.

There's a lot of this sort of thing going on these days. The hydrogen economy, fuel cell powered transportation, solar powered houses, solar water heaters in Northern climates, small scale wind turbines. The list is very large.

Why are we continually seeing these technologies touted when they are not ready for prime time? Many reasons. Let's cover a few of them....

The first reason for the hype is the early adopter. This is the guy that will pay any amount of money or put in the effort to make up for a lack of money to have a solar powered house. Or a battery powered car. This is your enthusiast or hobbyist. Good for getting things going and providing a technical base but economically and energy wise s/he is insignificant.

Then there is the niche market. A place where the high cost of a new technology is not a barrier. Typical of this situation is the cabin or house located a few miles from the nearest utility line. Say a utility wanted $100,000 to get power to your new house. Even at today's prices you can buy enough equipment (solar cells, wind turbines, batteries, and power converters) to make your own electricity at that kind of capital cost. It will require some extra effort for maintenance but other than that it makes economic sense.

Then there is the case of companies like Toshiba who want you to remember their brand. Making announcements of wanted but non-existant devices amounts to free PR. Smart. Very smart. For Toshiba.

Finally we come to the pick pockets. These are the guys who want government to pick your pocket and give the money to them. Being such high minded, idealistic, and only tying to help type folks that they are. Now perhaps this makes some kind of limited short term sense for research, pump priming, or the like. The problem is that business does so much better at this than the government. Let us look at the solar water heater subsidy of the "energy shortage" days of the late 70s and early 80s. Every body and their brother in law was building these contraptions. Fly by night outfits were installing hundreds of thousands of these units. They didn't work well. They didn't last long and for the most part they were an energy drain not a resource. Congress then dropped the subsidy, most states dropped their subsidies and the industry basically died. Today if such installations make any economic sense they do so not as retrofits but as an integral part of a house's or building's design and construction. What the subsidy did was to ruin a small but viable niche industry by pumping panic money into it.

Natural organic growth is better for both plants and factories. Force feeding can lead to death.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Head of the UN - a man without a country

As is my won't I'm writing a headline from the future. It all starts with this story (cribbed from Insty actually it was Roger L. Simon [other than the middle initial and last name - no relation]) about Iran. Iran is considering putting one of its top mullahs up for Secratary General of the UN.

This is a very smart move by Iran to try to head off an American attack which every one knows is coming. Would America really attack the country of origin of the head of the UN? Yes.

It also points up Iran's weakness. They don't yet have any nukes. Otherwise such heavy political jujitsu would be unnecessary. This is a sign of military weakness but political strength.

My guess is that Iran has bought enough European countries so that they might very well succeed in getting President mullah Mohammad Khatami of Iran elected Secretary General. So what would the world be like with a UN head repudiated by his own country? I'll tell you what it would be like: Very interesting

Re-inventing the Wheel

This is another of my energy articles. Published at EV World and Winds of Change plus the Rock River Times.

I have some ideas for energy storage along these lines, plus a few other energy related projects. Drop me a line or leave a message in the comments if you are interested in such a venture.

There is a huge market for battery replacement in telco central offices. Some one should get on this.


Every one needs storage. I'm not talking about that garage so full of stuff you have to park your car on the street. I'm not talking your refrigerator with the half filled bowls in the back that are so full of life. I'm not even talking that closet full of clothes that will get worn again some day.

What I am talking about is energy storage. This is a problem that has sofar proved so difficult that there has been no wide spread solution. This is about to change on a number of fronts. Let me tell you about one of those fronts, mechanical energy storage - the fly wheel.

Mechanical energy storage is just now coming on the market. This type of energy storage is not new. But, the current designs take this technology to a whole new level. One of those levels is space. Up till recently most satellites used batteries to store energy for those times when the solar cells couldn't produce enough electricity for the satellite. Times like when the satellite was passing through the earth's shadow. Batteries in space have the same problem as batteries on earth. They wear out after about 1000 heavy charge/discharge cycles, and while they are wearing out their capacity is continually reduced.

To the rescue comes the high speed flywheel. These are not your ordinary metal flywheels either.  These flywheels run at 100,000 RPM and are made mostly of plastic and carbon fiber. They do not use ordinary bearings because they would wear out too fast. They use magnetic bearings which have no contacting parts. In addition the satellites use the gyroscopic forces generated by the flywheels to orient them to the receiving stations as the satellites rotate about the earth. With no air in space the main source of friction other than bearings is eliminated. The life of these flywheels is estimated at ten to one hundred times that of the batteries they replace.

This technology is now being brought to earth by such companies


AFS Trinity

A site (the Solar Biz) that claims it will be selling flywheel storage in 2004. Some one needs to tell these guys 2004 is almost over. This is like the early days of the computer revolution. Lots of vaporware. Some one needs to step in and start cranking this stuff out. There is a market.

The technology has advantages over batteries other than life. One of the advantages is that you don't have to replace worn out batteries. The flywheels also need no maintenance for their life. Both very important in space. Another advantage is operation at full capacity over a wide temperate range. Batteries are most comfortable at room temperature. High temperatures reduce their capacity some and low temperatures reduce their capacity a lot. Charging and discharging batteries also reduces their capacity. Flywheels are much less limited in these respects. Another advantage of flywheels is the fact that they contain no large amounts of nasty chemicals and toxic or dangerous metals. Flywheels can also be recharged rapidly without significant increases in losses and there is no wear out mechanism from repeated deep discharges as there is with current chemical batteries. Flywheels also have a ten to one weight and volume advantage over lead acid batteries, the most cost effective batteries for stationary energy storage.

The disadvantages of the flywheel are several. The first and most serious is that if one fails the release of all the stored energy in a fraction of a second is explosive. The second disadvantage is the flywheel effect. These two problems are solved by using the flywheel only for stationary applications and burying them in the ground. What is cost effective and useful for a satellite is not so good for a car. But might be good for the home, factory, or office.

The third problem is cost. Right now the lifetime costs for a flywheel system makes them attractive for those who already must use a large number of batteries for energy storage. Telephone companies, cell phone base stations, and cable television operations will be the first targets for flywheel storage. Currently flywheels cost two to five times as much initially as an equivalent battery system. This initial cost is earned back over time by the elimination of replacements and maintenance. However the costs are declining. In five years costs are estimated to be one fifth of what they are now. There also technical problems to be overcome, one is the relatively high energy losses over time. You lose about two percent of the stored energy every day with current technology. However engineers are confident that they can reduce this to a few tenths of a percent a day or less.

The advent of cheap reliable dispersed "electrical" energy storage will make intermittent sources such as solar and wind economically feasible. In addition storage can be used for load leveling, eliminating peaking charges for businesses that have a lot of motors with their high starting currents. With reliable short term energy storage we get a lot more effective generating capacity without adding any new generating plants.

DOE pdf study of energy storage

Energy Storage Association - this page is about flywheels but they cover it all including batteries and super capacitors.

Here is a proposal for a pulsed power system for Naval Ships. Hmmmmm.

Argone is doing some interesting work in the field

M. Simon is an industrial controls designer and Free Market

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