Friday, November 15, 2013

Behavioral Sink Behavior And Thermodynamics

You can't eliminate behavioral sink behavior unless you eliminate behavior sinks.

That means for one drug "addiction".

Addiction in a behavioral sink

The abortion/gestation question comes to mind.

Many [female rats] were unable to carry pregnancy to full term or to survive delivery of their litters if they did. An even greater number, after successfully giving birth, fell short in their maternal functions. Among the males the behavior disturbances ranged from sexual deviation to cannibalism and from frenetic overactivity to a pathological withdrawal from which individuals would emerge to eat, drink and move about only when other members of the community were asleep. The social organization of the animals showed equal disruption. [...]

Behavioral Sink
It is more than obvious that the two parties represent the two ends of the spectrum and you are not going to eliminate the behavioral sink party until you eliminate behavioral sinks. And efforts to change behavior by politics are for the most part useless. And I might add counterproductive.

The party that claims to be so in touch with natural law is for the most part ignorant of it.

Here is an article that discusses the issue from a thermodynamic viewpoint.

The Red And The Blue
What is my conclusion relative to politics? Both political parties are right about the proper way to live. In their ecological niches.

A look at the Weimar Republic:
What people leave out of the Weimar experience and IMO its foundation is the lack of men – killed in the war. We are doing something similar with our divorce laws. And our drug war on the Black Community.

And the 60s? Similar. Look up the M/F ratios.

When there are not enough men you get loose women. Culture dives when the M/F ratio is out of whack.

The Weimar Experience
If only the two parties had some understanding of each other politics might not be quite so rancorous.

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