Thursday, August 24, 2006

Looking For a Few Good Generals

Fares is looking for a few good generals to overthrow the current Syrian government and lead to a democratic secular Syria. Good luck.

Someone like Musharaf is the solution, no need for Bush to know the name. But such a general would be very useful to the region and would give Bush a symbolic victory. It would allow Israel to reopen negotiations with Syria, help stabilize Iraq, give Lebanon a breathing room, weaken radicals and extremists. We need someone to help Syria shine not be the regional trouble maker.

This change would be a welcome october surprise…and a step in the right direction. Hopefully someone is reading this…I know a lot of my Syrian friends would reject what I am hoping for but we need to be realistic. Any new face would be an improvment, we can’t afford to be in the wrong side of history.
History is full of coups by generals. Not many turn out well.

Israel is looking for a good general as well. A Chief of Staff who knows how to fight.
Israel's embattled Army chief Dan Halutz admitted for the first time on Thursday to failings during the Lebanon war amid increasing public discontent over how the 34-day offensive was handled.

"Parallel with our success, during combat we observed failures in certain areas, notably in the areas of logistics, operations and command," General Halutz wrote in a letter to the Army, having so far resisted calls for his resignation.

The General, who has also been slammed for selling shares just before the offensive began, said the mistakes needed to be examined but stopped short of calling for a state commission, the most sweeping type of inquiry.
I'd like my public failures to be reviewed in private. Wouldn't we all?

I don't think he will last. Once the shock of the war recedes some (about another week) the calls for heads to roll will get intense. Olfart, Putz, and Galoot's days in office are numbered.

My guess? A general for Prime Minister.

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