Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Resistor Have Stopped Resisting

The mighty "resistors" of Hezbollah have stopped resisting.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Israeli commandos raided a Hizbollah stronghold in eastern Lebanon on Saturday in what Beirut described as a "naked violation" of the U.N.-backed truce that ended Israel's 34-day war with the Shi'ite guerrillas.

A senior United Nations envoy in Beirut said the U.N. was trying to establish what had happened in the dawn raid in the Bekaa Valley but added that if media reports were true, it would undoubtedly represent a breach of the six-day-old truce.
So is Hezbollah not disarming. But he who is keeping score? The UN? That explains everything.
Israel said the operation, in which commandos were airlifted into the area by helicopter, was defensive and was designed to disrupt weapons supplies to Hizbollah from Syria and Iran.

It denied it had violated the resolution, which allows it to act in self-defense, and accused Hizbollah of doing so by smuggling weapons. Roed-Larsen said that if the guerrilla group was found to have smuggled weapons, it would indeed be in breach of the truce.

About 16 hours after the raid, details of what took place remained unclear.

Lebanese security sources said Israeli helicopters unloaded two vehicles carrying commandos who headed toward an office of a Hizbollah leader, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, in Bodai, 26 km (16 miles) from the Syrian border.

The Israelis were intercepted and withdrew under cover of air strikes, they said.

The sources said three Hizbollah guerrillas were killed in a firefight with the Israelis, although Hizbollah said none of its fighters were killed or wounded.
Air strikes? With what? Bullets shot in the air? It is almost like they are reading this blog to counter unhappy facts.

I hope so.

Also note that Reuters presented the anti-Israeli complaint first. The usual media bias.

The most interesting point is that these fire fights so far are local affairs and Hizbollah (what spelling do you like?) is not restarting a general ground war or any rocket attacks to teach the Israelis a lesson.

Explain again who won?

The Palestinians had better come to terms quick. The kid gloves are off.

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