Friday, August 18, 2006

Bekaa Again

The Jerusalem Post and Y-Net News are reporting Israeli jets and drones over the Bekaa near Baalbeck. Lots of shooting from the ground. Israel reports no planes or targets on the ground hit. From the Jerusalem Post report:

IAF drones and warplanes were crisscrossing the skies above Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley on Friday night, near the Hizbullah stronghold of Baalbek, security officials said.

The IDF confirmed the flights but stressed that the planes did not open fire and in turn had not violated the cease-fire put into action on Monday.

The French news agency reported that IAF planes attacked an uninhabited area next to the city of Baalbek. According to their report, low-flying IAF helicopters shot four missiles in the area.

Police in Lebanon claimed that anti-aircraft fire chased away the IAF aircraft, but that to their knowledge there had been no IAF missile attack.
What that probably means is that anti-aircraft rounds returned to earth and in effect did an own side goal. Always a danger with anti-air weapons that don't hit their target.

From the Y-Net report:
After the ceasefire came into effect, senior officers said that the air force will continue to carry out sorties in order to ensure the safety of the forces on the ground, but that no strikes will be launched.

The army also stated that IAF warplanes did not sustain any hits in the course of these sorties.

However, no comments were made on Friday's report.

Israeli war planes frequently fly over Lebanese airspace and during the 34-day war with Hizbullah gunmen attacked targets across the country. The Bekaa Valley was heavily hit during the war, which ended with a UN sponsored truce on Monday, although there have been isolated incidents of violence since then.
Why would Israel be doing this? One possibility is to warn off Syria from re-arming Hizbollah. Or they could be protecting troops still in the Bekaa valley. Another is to show the Hizbollah and the Syrians how impotent they are, you know, "alright suckers come and get me if you can and you dare". Another would be to encourage Hizbollah to do something stupid. Like start the war again.

Kind of like winners spiking the ball.

I really think Hizbollah has said "no mas".

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Anonymous said...



Stand back a moment, please, from the UN. The UN saw an opportunity to publicly DISGRACE CONDI RICE. To make her look like a nincompoop.

Yes, you can thank Israel's left. And, Olmert. They were hot for the agreemetn. And, they knew the problems the soldiers are talking about, now. The wearhouses were not stocked. Soldiers were sent into battle without equipment. SHAMEFUL. And, probably because on Mofaz' watch the money's for supplies went into pockets. This will all sort out.

Meanwhile, what you see, with the french making #1701 seem like a joke, is designed to HURT CONDI! And, by definition, because she's seen as close to Bush. Bush, too.

Short term thinking.

Because the UN is still in Bolton's hands. And, you can't "switcheroo" and angreement that's signed. Claiming the new things replacing the old things are valid. NOT.

I think Bush is waiting for something ELSE. In other words, America's in the Mideast. Iran wants something that will force Bush to pull out our soldiers, alla Vietnam. Always, for the MSM, too. It's back to that old playbook. And, we're not there, now. Americans are outraged at this coup stuff. The donks, coming to election in November 2006 will bear the brunt of this anger. Hopefully, they're spooked. If they were horses they'd be spooked. But they're donkeys.

Olmert? Surounded himself with a team he should be ashamed of. Livni? Doesn't even speak English.

WORST CRIMES DEPARTMENT: Olmert and Peretz threatening stuff that was never true! As if tossing the IDF reputation was okay. Wasn't. They'll pay a price.

Olmert's at least aware enough, now, to play hide-and-seek with "convergence." Too bad for him, though. EVERYONE'S CAUGHT ONTO HIS GAME. If he were inside a courtroom (and he's not there, yet), he'd know he lost the jury. Just in case you had to wait till the end, lots of lawyers know their cases are going down the tube. It's only the clients who are kept in the dark.

I expect either new elections. Or Olmert resigns. Finds a health excuse. Amir Peretz? There's nothing to offer him. After his turn here he's dreaming if he thinks he gets to Finance.

Bibi? He was offered a chance to enter Olmert's government. And, turned it down. How do I know? I read between the sheets, on Dahlia Itzik's hotel visit. Bibi wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. (You think his pole is longer than that? Well, Milton Berle's was. And, there was a joke, when he was late to a meeting. Friends said he was at the hotel. His girl friend? At another. I guess he drove it through the window?) Something Haim Ramon just tried to do. Are idiots born every minute? And, in Israel they go straight to the Knesset?

The problems are not with the IDF. Needs to retool. And, re-think. For the next engagement.

Meanwhile, I suggest it's possible Condi will get the last laugh. And, Chiac will plotz. Hmm. Time to drink more tea. I need more tea leaves to stare up at me.