Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Egypt Unhappy With Olmert

Why is Egypt unhappy with Olmert? Because Olmert's supporters are floating a trial balloon suggesting Israel return the Golan to Syria. Israel wants to return land and Egypt is against it? It is a new day in the Middle East.

An Egyptian report says Olmert is desperate. I'd say.

An official Egyptian report said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is attempting to distract from mounting domestic dissatisfaction regarding his government's management of the war in Lebanon by resorting to "radical" moves, such as calling for peace talks with Syria.

The report, an assessment sent this week to Cairo from the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv and obtained by WorldNetDaily, recommends a reassessment of Egyptian positions in light of Israeli overtures to Syria. It states the Egyptian embassy estimates as long as Olmert feels his government is in peril, he will take further radical moves aimed at galvanizing supporters.
The war in the Middle East is rapidly turning into a Sunni - Shia war. With America on the side of the Sunni. Mostly. Except in Iraq where we were on the side of the Shia, but now we have a more balanced attitude.

Further on in the article:
Assad declared Hizbullah's path of "resistance" achieved results during the last four weeks of fighting against Israel.

"The resistance is necessary as much as it is natural and legitimate," said the Syrian president, claiming the war in Lebanon revealed the limitations of Israel's military power.

In a WND report last week a Baath Party official said on the heels of what Syria views as a Hizbullah victory against the Jewish state, his country is forming its own Hizbullah-like guerilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of "liberating" the Golan Heights.
Hizbullah lost ground in the war. Israel took what it wanted, and Hizbullah is going to liberate what? I think Assad has been sampling too much of the products of the Bekaa these days.

The new Hizbullah styled group started forming in June.
The Baath party official told WND the new Syrian "resistance" group is calling itself the Front for the Liberation of the Golan, and is already in the process of being formed.

The official said the group currently consists of "hundreds" of Syrian volunteers, many from the Syrian border with Turkey. He said Syria held registration for volunteers to join the Front in June.

The official said most Front members will be Palestinian and not members of the Syrian army.
Now why would Syria use Palestinians for its new "army"? Typically groups such as this, which do not owe allegiance to the country but to their master's paycheck, are used to put down interal dissent.

Update: 23 Aug '06 1631z

Captain's Quarters thinks the new Syrian Hizballah type force is going to attack Israel. I think the Syrian Army has a better chance (which is to say practically none).

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Anonymous said...


What's it gonna take to establish, as fact, that diplomatic pants dancers don't produce workable "papers." And, Olmert can talk. BUT HE CAN'T DELIVER! Not on the Golan!

BUt these pawns seem to be expendable. So we get reminded, here, Issael holds the HEIGHTS. While Olmert is trying as hard as he can to hold up his pants. Which he's glued to the PM's chair. Any ripping sounds you might hear just means Mazuz' attacks on Israeli men sharing spit with young dahlinks, is failing to take hold. And, actually looks very, very sad.

But who said Ken Starr was competent? So why think trying this in Israel gives Mazuz a shot at everylasting fame? And, not a deposit of anyother stinking lawyer into the creek?

The media is on par with "stupid pet tricks." As usual.

By the way, can Olmert be unseated? He seems to know a good brand of glue to use on his pants, here. He seems to still be attached to the PM's chair, even sans his honeymoon period. Which now looks like the face of his marriage, as well.

But he sticks it out? Doesn't he. Not his putz, though. There his wife would get first dips at snipping it off.

Bibi's still only got 12 chairs. And "perpetual calisthenics with politics can make ya look as ugly as Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak. And, I'm sure you could list other losers as well. (In spite of plastic surgery.)

Wish Arik Sharon did not trust his doctors so much. He'd have had a stroke, and survived it. Perhaps dragging his left leg as he walked. But not this! A medical mircle that's worse than death, itself.