Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Have a Sinking Feeling

Demosophist at Winds of Change has a very good post up that people need to look at immediately. He posits a situation so dire that we could possibly be headed for a nuclear war between Israel and Iran. (more in a bit)


Anonymous said...

I have had this very bad feeling for a couple of days already, after having a) read the article by Bernard Lewis on August 22
b) having observed that the Mad Mullahs have escalated this war as if they already had nukes. I mean, if I was them, I would *wait* with escalating things until I had the nukes, and be calm until then.

There are some VERY disturbing articles here -
- See *

Iran Believes It Is Ready For Nuclear War, July 20, 2006;

The DPRK Missiles: Preparation for the Middle East Crisis, July 20, 2006; and

Iran Continues Escalation of War With Israel, Constraining Israeli Strategic Freedom of Action, August 1, 2006

Does anyone know anything about ? I have no idea whether this is just some idiots writing crap, or whether these are people who actually have access to intelligence circles and are able to analyze things.

M. Simon said...

It looks like a credible analysis to me.

It is hard to tell if they are left or right.

BTW I have linked to anti-neocon pieces when I thought the analysis was credible, although I consider myself somewhat of a neocon.

I was at U Chicago as a student (early 60s)while Strauss was there, although I had never heard of him until after 9/11. Tin foil hatters make of that what you will.