Friday, August 11, 2006

Is Syria Removing Land Mines Near Golan?

I just got a totally unsubstantiated report from a friend of mine who said he heard on the TV that Syria was removing land mines in the Golan area.

Such removal is usually the harbinger of an attack.

That fits in with my speculation at Picking Up Speed.

This may just be a rumor. I did a Google and couldn't find anything on the subject. I'll check again later. In the mean time if any of my loyal readers have heard anything please e-mail me or leave a comment.

Update: 11 Aug '06 1228z has a measured anaysis (yeah I know - unusual for them) of the mine situation and other military factors on the Golan front. The report is dated 01 Aug '06.

Asia Times discusses the general state of the Syrian army. They say the best Army in the ME not counting the American or Israeli Armies is in deplorable shape. Money quote:

If Syria has seriously miscalculated over the use of Hezbollah, then the question arises whether the Syrian armed forces could prevent the regime of President Bashar al-Assad from reaping the whirlwind it had so unwisely stirred.

A close analysis of its current military capability would suggest that they could not.
Asia Times analysts discuss Syrian missile capability and then come up with this stunning quote:
It is believed by some intelligence sources that between 150 and 200 of the longest-range missiles are equipped with CBW warheads. There is considerable evidence that Sarin nerve agents and HD (mustard gas) are produced at facilities just north of Damascus and near Hamah, while the deadly VX nerve agent is produced at a petrochemical complex just south of Homs. Anthrax has reportedly been produced by the Damascus-based Scientific Research Council.


Fares said...

M. Simon,

i just heard on Radio Dream on, that Assad has just declared war on Israel. You need to go defend make me laugh so much

Israeli Arrogance and Bush latest Trick

Breaking the cycle of violence

M. Simon said...


I admire your desire for peace.

However, if a war was coming to Syria wouldn't you and those you love prefer some advance warning?

If Syria is lifting the mines it is Syria planning to attack. As I have been saying all along.

In war the unbelievable, let alone the unexpected sometimes happens.

eyesallaround said...

And then there are all those missing WMDs from Iraq... Maybe Syria has something planned for them? I smell a troll.... Yep, there it is... fares...

Anonymous said...


Nothing goes on that has to do with the Golan Heights, that's a mystery to the IDF.

We have a "pause, now" because Assad hasn't engaged.

WHile Bibi and his crew are trying to create a new election, up ahead. Which he's free to do. But I don't think he'd gain more than 2 seats.

So, you have Bibi beating one dead horse. And, Assad AFRAID to mount another.

While the pilots in the Israeli air force are given "liberty." A chance to rest. And, or to sleep. Before the need to engage, again, UP THE GOLAN.

If you expect "ground troops to do the work," I expect that you'll get fooled.

So we both have to wait.

In the interim, how nice it is to see Little Green Footballs, within a 48-hour period, post the GREEN HELMET GUY on his blog; and to watch Reuter's take that "first hit" that you only saw, before, when Dan RaTHer took C-BS into the toilet. And, down the chute.

Will the settlers, yet again, pay a price for screaming? It all depends. Because Israelis always have a choice. But I'd have to guess that screaming "FIRE" in a crowded war theater, doesn't amount to much good. Why? Because they take the first shot. And, it lands back on them in big time BACK FIRE.

Olmert's not Golda because he pee's different. He's also not a communist. But rather adept at the game of politics. How adept? He might go marginally higher up in people's respect levels,, than what he started with. And, all he started with was the fact that Arik Sharon put him there. In "that" chair.

Time will tell how the Mighty Arm moves, though. Should be interesting as we wait for Assad to mount his attack. And, if he does not, why not? Because nobody else is moving forward. (Even the crowds at Heathrow, waiting to depart, have discovered the muzzies prefer to hit civilians. And, veer clear of all battlefields. If you want my opinon.