Monday, August 21, 2006

Gloom and Doom

The Israeli Armed forces under inadequate military and civilian leadership did not perform up to its highest capabilities. It did not lose the war.

You could not tell this from reading most Israeli and Jewish blogs. I covered the Hashmonean who has a different view (as I do) in Aftermath. Just to present the other side I'm going to provide links.

Kesher Talk on the Syrian Victory and the Defence Minister's incompetence. I keep forgetting the Defence Minister's name. Putz is close enough.

Israpundit has a gloomy and not all together correct lessons learned. It does cover a lot of the military lessons learned in detail. It shows what was learned from the battle that will help in the next one, but fails to directly state that fact. It does point out that as in WW2 there was a Wizard War going on. Israeli engineers and scientists (not to mentiion Americans) will look at the captured eqpt., documents, and bunkers and will figure out countermeasures. This is a HUGE bonanza of intelligence and operational facts. Well worth the price Israel and America paid. It will weaken Iran as operational and technical fixes are implimented.

Big Pharoah has a round up and points out the salient fact. Hizbollah was good in a defensive battle. They were useless for offensive purposes.

Israel Matzav discusses an article that states America is not going to love Israel as much because of the expense vs. results of the war. I think that is nuts. I'm going to susspend additions here for a while. During that time I'm going to do a bit on the real value of the war.

I'm looking around and will be adding to the list. Check back.

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