Friday, August 25, 2006

Trust the Rust

Zombie has an expose' on the "Israel targets ambulances" story. The key is the rust.

Hat tip: Michele Malkin

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Anonymous said...


The MSM has gone into the business of wall-to-wall lies.

Because all the buildings in lebanon that fell down like pancakes, did so because THEY WERE NOT BUILT TO CODE.

We also see this when there are natural disasters. And, in all the over-populated countries, where you with think getting a leg up on proverty would including schooling; there's no such thing in place. JUST RIP OFF ARTISTS.

nasrallah built his whole infrastructure WITHOUT USING ENGINEERS WHO UNDERSTOOD ANYTHING ABOUT THE DISTRIBUTION OF WEIGHT. Or how to build buildings ACCORDING TO CODE. SO they'd withstand trauma.

In Israel, where engineering is part of the process, and the paperwork, to get things built; you rarely see things fall down. (Though a super-religious sect did build such a monstrosity. Held weddings in it. And the building collapsed.) At least in Israel, when this happens, survivors SUE. And, win. And, building permits show their value.

So that when nasrallah's missiles came flying in, Israeli buildings suffered damage. But other than the hole where the missiles entered, nothing got flattened like a pancake.

Not that the arabs will learn. For them, black-marketeering is "normal." And, they're all a bunch of sheisters. What with syria now applying pressure by cutting off electricity; you've got to laugh at their anti-Semitic hatred.

While their tourist industry went bust; I really don't think Israelis want to visit. Or return.

That's why #1701, not worth much, is still just wallpaper allowing the french to run around lebanon. And, steal what they can get their hands on. Given that nobody builds to code, there. I expect a lot of people to get rich. And, lebanon to be set back years and years.

While the real threat of those missiles; that iran had been using. Was what kept Israel away from nuking iranian sites. That threat has been erased. Along with all the money iran spent giving nasrallah his toys.

Let them keep it up and call it victory. No need to engage idiots and liars.

While it's obvious that if an Israeli missile had hit that ambulance, all you'd see are skid marks. What a bunch of dumb losers pull these tricks. Shows ya, ya can fake journalism credentials. What are they worth now?