Friday, August 11, 2006

What the Enemy Has, What We Lack

Commenter eyesallaround asks "Are we at a tactical turning point? There was one in WWI, when the sabre charge was obsolete.... due to machine guns... are we now at a point where we have to adopt terrorist tactics? How do you know when this occurs? The turning point?"

I answer her:

What is lacking is not methods and means. It is will.

The other side is playing for keeps. They have taken the gloves off. They will say or do anything to advance their cause. While we sit at home crying about small losses. It is not that we have to adopt their tactics. We just need to willingly and consistiently use our own. We need to fight like our lives depended on it.

Look at America. About a thousand dead a year from the war and the casualties are called unsustainable. We lose twenty times that number to murder. Forty times that number in traffic accidents.

Look at Israel - electing stupid leftist governments. The Israeli people are now screaming for action but are hampered by a government they elected.

Britain? Tony Blair is there - not because he is supported - but because there is no one else.

Germany and France and their poodles? Peace for our time is their fondest hope. They learned their lesson 60 years ago. Unfortunately it was the wrong one.

Spain? The fool running the show,Zapatero, smiles like an idiot and makes nice with the fellers planning to slit his throat.

So eyes, it is not asymetrical warfare that is hurting us. Suitcase nukes. Chemical weapons mixed up in a basement. Or any of that stuff. It is not what material or weapons the enemy has. It is what we lack.



Anonymous said...

you're too old to be a bigot my friend. do a good deed before your days are up. why hold on too dearly to the world?

Anonymous said...

the enemy loves allegory. this one is about the frog in a pot of water that's heating up but so gradually that he doesn't feel it. ... and before he knows it he's cooked.

Anonymous said...


In Warrior, Arik Sharon's novel, which he wrote to keep him from disparing, after his 1982 Lebanon "adventure" dumped Arafat to Tunis. And, nobody said "thank you." Later, he faced a barage of accusations (from Israel's elite/left). But if you notice, they didn't win.

Anyway, in Warrior, Arik Sharon mentioned the 9 months he spent in England, at a War College, following the 1967 SIX DAY WAR. There, he met Montgomery; who looked down his nose as Sharon. And, said, "what's the big deal beating arabs. Everyone knows they can't fight." Montgomery called them "2 minute warriors." And, Arik understood the disparagement to mean the Israelis weren't so tough. They beat the weak man. As in "the straw man" argument.

It's perhaps wise, now, to take a bit longer.

I know the settler's are furious.

But Mofaz jerked Arik Sharon's chain. That's why he lost steam.


Get's interesting. How, exactly, is he like Golda? They pee different.

And, their backgrounds are dis-similar. Golda was a communist. Olmert is a lawyer.

He's very grey. And, he has the reputation of saying one thing. But no one trusts what he says. Because his tongue moves. But he rarely follows through with anything.

Even when you look at the complaints; what you see is that Beirut wasn't hit hard enough. Faster. But the two soldiers kidnapped soldiers were still alive. And, I'm not so sure "getting nasrallah" would amount to the plum you think it does.

A longer war? Yes. Will syria fight now? Just removing landmines? SHe's sending 40,000 untrained conscripts UP the hill. And, the air force is giving its pilots chances to sleep now. For the action, ahead.

What could that be?

Perhaps we just don't see it? But the Green Helmet Man has damaged the propaganda arm of the MSM. Does this mean there's a change? Sure. In free countries. While the muzzies still think they carry the advantage. (Even if they didn't, you'd never hear about the hitler type tantrums. It's not spoken. To do so could cost whole families their lives.)

Besides, if you notice, not to jump on another story, by pulling back, the mess at Heathrow is now OUT. And, obvious.

Maybe, the muzzies get happy on this stuff? They think they've caused citizens hardship. While I think all they've done is ratcheted up ANGER.

Sure. Arik Sharon is no longer available. But he picked Olmert. And, he did so for more than one reason. WAIT AND SEE ain't a bad attitude when you can't affect outcomes, anyway? But you won't be challanged to have an opinion when events present themselves. And, play out.

eyesallaround said...

Thanks for explanation:>) You make sense, as always... I see you've been busy today, so I'll be back to catch up.

Anonymous said...


What is "lacking" is that syria refuses to engage. That's why I think not just Israel, but John Bolton, too, are pressing the "pause button."

Meanwhile, it was nice of Little Green Footballs to drop DA' BOMB on Reuter's.

And the clearing of the stage of impediments, is letting the Bush White House room to show what the muzzies were at least talking about. While the conveyer belts of pedestrians, heading to their flights, can no longer board with soft drinks, coffee, or even books.

What say I? Expect the muzzies to discover the west isn't cowering. Or laughing. Soon enough the war drums will kick in. And, not on foot.

You should spend a little time discussing why Assad hesitates. I think he needs more Viarga right now. While, as he hesitates, the million man refugee problem in syria is his stinker. Shorting out all his capital. And, other things you need to house and feed people. Let alone keep them inside shelters. Which isn't happening either. While it just seems more fun to beat up on Olmert. Go ahead. Hit him now, and he's more of a hero, later.

Want my opinion? Bibi tanks. There doesn't seem to be any anti-tanks element for him, once the war scenes start moving, again.

Stop believing everything you read. Grow some skeptism. It's good for the scalp muscles.

M. Simon said...

Assad hesitates because he has been given a suicide mission.

I cover that indirectly at Syria is removing land mines

I think the jaw-jaw at the UN starts up every time the Israeli Army has a tactical problem. Once the problem is solved the jaw-jaw stops and the war "resumes".

M. Simon said...

In America the will lacking is not at the leadership level.

It is the will of the people.