Sunday, August 20, 2006

Murder Up, Stupidity the Same

Reuters says murders are up. They start out with the murder of an innocent at home praying at a shine in the place where her brother was murdered.

ROXBURY, Massachusetts (Reuters) - Analicia Perry was kneeling to light a candle at a makeshift shrine to her brother when she was shot in the face and killed -- four years to the day after her brother was gunned down on the same spot.

The slaying of the 20-year-old mother -- on a narrow street behind a police station in Boston's poor Roxbury district last month -- is one of the shocking examples of a rise in the murder rate across the United States that is raising questions about whether police are fighting terrorism at the expense of crime.
Read the whole thing. Then tell me if you can find one reference to drug prohibition? None. The best they can do is mention "drug violence" near the bottom. Oh, yea. Gangs. Which they fail to note, are funded in large part by the black market in drugs.

Lies by omission. Lies of misdirection.

I have written lots on the nexus of crime, terrorism, and drug prohibition. See my sidebar. My latest is: Drug War Meets Terror War


Anonymous said...


Let me help you figure out the world of advertising. Even when a film flops, beforehand, there's a lot of razzle dazzle.

The paleo-stools are jumping on the nut from iran's big day. Even though the sunni's, or whatever derivative stock the genetically defective paleo's come from ...the belief that there's an imam hiding in a sewer pipe, doesn't belong to this sect. It's "persian." And, those rug salesmen have run into a problem. Of sorts. Which will probably be kept secret. But something happened behind the set stage.

While the MSM still hungers to hang one out. It's a slow summer for them.

And, I don't care. The israelis are daily kicking ass in gazoo. And, the west banker's are under control, so far. WHile, thank goodness. The flushing sounds I just heard were Olmert's "convergence." It's only a matter of time, now, before he follows this thing down the crapper.

How long? Dunno. There aren't 61 signatures to take this government down. And, form another.

But I believe a few MKs who watched Arik's show; will come up with plans to form YET ANOTHER NEW PARTY.

Go ahead. Laugh at me. I find the sounds amusing. I was once class clown, ya know?

But Kadima's dead on arrival next time out. Because of Olmert. And, the Labor elites who fled Amir Peretz. None of them deserve contract-renewal.

Livni's out, too. Even if she dies her hair gray. WHat can she do a GOlda impression? Vaudeville's dead.

Buy something like rock 'n roll. (Okay, I'm too old to remember much. But Bill Haley got far with a blonde curl on his forehead. And, he did the Twist.)

For me, a new party could be called "TWIST" ... TWIST & TURN.

Likud won't grow. People are gonna figure out the short falls that happened this summer to the BUDGET, and how the IDF was robbed.

Honest. A lot of bodies will fall. And, new blood will take up new heroic positions. Do I know them? No. I'm not Israeli.

But Haim Ramon? Why did he stick his tongue down an unknown employee's throat? He was playing doctor or dentist? He was certainly playing with his career.

ANd, I can't wait till t'marra. Events, like dice, keep coming up with number combinations I can't guess at in advance. And, neither can you.

M. Simon said...


I'm already getting solicitations to help start a new party.

No platform, no candidates, no program. Just something new to dump Olmeret.

BTW some times the dice are loaded and you can tell what tommorow brings. Even chaos can hang around strange attractors for a while.