Sunday, August 20, 2006

Assad in Trouble with Arabia

Captain's Quarters has an interesting post up about all the trouble Assad is in for calling the Arab world girlie men for not helping Hizbollah in the fight against Israel. I want to look at a little different part of the Jerusalem Post article the Captain also discusses.

"Syria would've reaped benefits, including an easing of the pressure it's been under, had (Assad's) speech been more moderate," said Jamil Nimri, a prominent Jordanian analyst.

"But the speech has set things back and Syria has lost deep Arab solidarity," he added. "It is now in a worse situation that it was at the start of the war."
The Hizbollah deterrent is blown. Syria is worse off diplomatically.

I wonder who is losing?

Israel. It did not meet expctations. Instead of routing its enemy it only solidly defeated them.

The winners? Syria and the Arab world who are now at each other's throats because of the great victory Hizbollah won against the Israelis.

There must be something I'm missing.

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