Thursday, August 10, 2006

Congress to Slash PTSD Brain Research

Ilona Meagher of PTSD Combat : Winning the War Within gave me a heads up on the issue of Congress cutting funding for research on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Let me quote a bit of what she has written:

Late last night, USA Today blew the issue wide open by posted a stunning article on its website. They reported that the House and Senate Appropriation Committees were poised to slash by half TBI funding used for research and treatment of war-related brain injuries in its 2007 Defense appropriation bill.

Traumatic brain injury is the signature wound of our nation's current wars. As of January 2006, 20% of those injured in Iraq had TBI. Cutting funding when it's most needed is reckless and immoral. My full analysis posted at ePluribus Media.
Please contact your Congress critters and tell them to spend the money. Our troops deserve no less. You can contact your government here:

House of Representatives

The Senate

The President

The issue of PTSD, genetics, trauma, and drug use has been an interest of mine for a number of years.

Here is how my thoughts evolved on the issue: Is Addiction Real?

Here is one of the things the Israeli Army does: Aftermath

Here is how we looked at it in the aftermath of the Civil War: The Soldiers Disease

What is the best medicine for PTSD? A doctor says: Cannabis is the Best Medicine

Israelis and Americans are working together on A Test For PTSD

An Israeli Doctor looks at the brain: PTSD and the Endocannabinoid System

Update: 10 Aug '06 1011z

Anxiety sufferers overwhelm Israeli Hospitals.


eyesallaround said...

Did you hear about this:,7340,L-3289493,00.html

Germans and French and Lebanese on the border? That doesn't sound too good...

eyesallaround said...

You know a lot more about this than me, but are we at a tactical turning point? There was one in WWI, when the sabre charge was obsolete.... due to machine guns... are we now at a point where we have to adopt terrorist tactics? How do you know when this occurs? The turning point?

M. Simon said...


What is lacking is not methods and means. It is will.

The other side is playing for keep. They have taken the gloves off. They will say or do anything to advance their cause. While we sit at home crying about small losses.

Look at America. About a thousand dead a year from the war and the casualties are called unsustainable.

Look at Israel - electing stupid leftist governments. The Israeli people are now screaming for action but are hampered by a government they elected.

Britain? Tony Blair is there - not because he is supported - but because there is no one else.

The Germany and France and their poodles? Peace for our time is their fondest hope. They learned their lesson 60 years ago. Unfortunately it was the wrong one.

Spain? The fool running the show smiles like an idiot and makes nice with the fellers planning to slit his throat.

So eyes, it is not asymetrical warfare that is hurting us. Suitcase nukes. Chemical weapons mixed up in a basement. Or any of that stuff. It is not what the enemy has. It is what we lack.