Monday, August 21, 2006

The Lebanese Army is Deploying ... in the Bekaa

The Lebanese Army is deploying in eastern Lebanon:

UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen on Sunday praised the deployment of the Lebanese army on the country's border with Israel and said the UN was seeking "a diplomatic solution" concerning Hizbullah's weapons smuggling.

Roed-Larsen said 2,000 Lebanese soldiers have been deployed so far along Lebanon's eastern border near Syria with the goal of eventually having 8,600 along the border. Some 1,000 Lebanese soldiers also have been deployed along Lebanon's coastline, he said.
Let us do the math. 8,600 to the Syrian border, 1,000 on the coast. That leaves 5,400 for South Lebann. Obviously the Lebanese consider Syria the big danger. Besides why should Syria get all the smuggling profits? Or any?

When gangsters fall out there is sometimes a gang war if there is no controlling mob boss.

And what is smuggled in Bekaa? Money, weapons, drugs, people. This is the life blood of Hizbollah. The Lebanese Army is going for the throat. The lines of supply. Israel has at minimum spotters for bombing runs and special forces in the area. Maybe the broo ha ha over Israel's Bekaa attack was not about the attack but the lack of promised back channel co-ordination. It is in the interest of Israel and the Lebanese not controlled by Syria to have such co-operation. We probably won't know for years unless such co-operation is forced into the open. Which, at least at this point is only in Hezbollah's interest.


linearthinker said...

I'm skeptical of anything to do with the Lebanese army. It's been penetrated significantly by Syrian "enlistments", and intimidated by the Hezbollah minders. So, my first reaction to this news of the deployment to the eastern frontier, following the successful IDF raid, was that their mission was probably not to interdict incoming shipments from Syria, but rather to protect those shipments from harassment by the IDF. That was yesterday (Sunday). Let's wait and see what comes of their deployment. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The IDF do!

Anonymous said...


The money is all in counterfeit Jackson's. Can't get deposited in any bank.

The BaKakta Valley may yet have those buried WMDs. So it should be interesting on the satellite photos. The USA takes pictures. And, so does Israel.

What better way to know where things are buried than letting different gangs go out "and search for treasure."

The biggest shipment from iran, however, that was headed for damascus. Has ended up in Turkey. Turkey thought it was worth scrambling jets, and America's insistence.

While it seems Ahma-nut-soon-to-need -a-new-job; has his hands full. He's destroyed tele-communications dishes. BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT IRANIAN CITIZENS PEEKING IN. And, he's had to "secure his border," with troops trained, instead, to be goons in local villages. Probably "no night goggles for them." Or he's had to tranship stuff that was gonna make it to the hezbollah, elsewhere.

Olmert's not a bad guy. The commandos just retrieved two new bargaining chips from nasrallah.

Meanwhile, the kidnapped American/Fox journalists have fallen outside of the story line. Are they dead? Did murdoch refuse to spend any of his fortune, here? Wow. The media shlubs really work for rotten bosses.

Up ahead? Iran thinks America "attacks" in 5 weeks. Decoy info? Deception? Before our November 7th election? Surprise me.