Friday, August 25, 2006

Power Sharing

The Jerusalem Post reports that Syria is no longer sharing power with Lebanon.

ASSOCIATED PRESS BEIRUT - Syria has cited technical problems for its decision to cut power supplies to Lebanon, which was already suffering from severe electricity rationing after the outbreak of hostilities last month, Syrian and Lebanese officials said Friday.

The Syrian office for the production and transport of electricity had informed the state-run Lebanese electricity company that "it cannot ensure supplies anymore," because of technical problems with its own power grid.
Now suppose Israel offered to share electrical power with the Lebanese? That could change the balance of power in the Middle East.


linearthinker said...

How does it go? ROTFLOL?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Israel sharing electric power would change anything. The Lebanese would treat such a gift as jizya. I read some remarkable quotes from Muslim Lebanese who were being sheltered by Christians during the war. They displayed no gratitude at all. Shelter was their right as Muslims, something Christians owed them.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes, ya just gotta read between the lines.

Syria did NOT join the fight, when Israel spent 3 weeks baiting the trap. The IDF "jab" stuff at least contains clues that Israel does not want to keep anything in lebanon. And, that nasrallah has competition now, in the Bakakta Valley. Like it or not. The french are showing up. Where they're known as the "masters" in this part of the world, anyway. Except for iran, france is "one of these people." So french. A real paris on the mediterrainean. With a few setbacks, now.

What you also see is that nasrallah and assad aren't "pals." And, assad's angry at the intrusion. Because all of a sudden there are new middle-men; where he once had a free trade zone. Pushing hash hish, and all sorts of other contraband through to his "customers." There's a lot of shaking "out" going on inside those tents, folks.

And, not all the partners are happy, happy. These goons tend to shoot each other over profits, as well.

So just stand back.

lebanon is far away from it's old $4.5 billion tourist industry. And, the shi'a. Many of them. Now have nowhere to live in lebanon. And, they're about as welcome as arafat's old fishes.

You've just got to let the gangs work this out. Maybe? The better question is: WHO IS THE GODFATHER IN THE SHADOWS? Is it Chirac? I wouldn't be surprised.

Some day, ahead, Olmert will turn out to have been a prophet, in how he handled things. While looking weak. And, fooling ALL of his enemies. Don't be so fast writing conclusions, before you know all the facts.