Friday, August 11, 2006

Bekaa Update 10 August

Unfrozen Caveman Linguist has a report from Stratfor with commentary. I'm going to reproduce the whole thing here. Visit him if you want the links:

Stratfor reports eyewitnesses sightings of Israeli helicopter operations in the vicinity of Zahle in the western Bekaa valley. Apparently these were not combat operations but potentially a supply or logistics run related to long-range surveillance or reconnaissance operations. Considering the location of this operation, such an operation indicates a deep penetration into the Bekaa Valley. As the map indicates, Zahle is an important crossroads within the Bekaa; from there one can monitor both north-south and east-west traffic patterns; the town's proximity to Syria makes it an extremely important strategic location. Also, there are several mountain ridges in the area from which large swaths of the Bekaa can be monitored.

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