Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bloggers Get Results

The Jerusalem Post is looking into allegations by bloggers that the Qana "massacre" may have been in part or in whole staged.

The IDF is looking into allegations raised over the past few days by several pro-Israel, Jewish and conservative Weblogs that Hizbullah may have staged aspects of the Kana tragedy on Sunday, in which some 60 Lebanese bodies were removed from a building that collapsed seven hours after being hit in an Israel Air Force strike.
Unfortunately they are still reporting the 60 bodies. Althought that could be true if the hizzies brought in extras. Here are some of the bits the Israelis are looking into:
"In general, Hizbullah prevents citizens from moving from places that the IDF is attacking. This time it was more," said Elon. "It wasn't just prohibiting citizens from leaving this time, it was bringing refugees that aren't residents of Kafr Kana to areas that they know are going to be attacked. And to be sure it's attacked, Hizbullah fires from the building next door in order to create the crisis and in order to create the pictures."
Israel Insider is mentioned with this block buster.
According to one of the Web sites raising questions about the affair, Israel Insider, "the accumulating evidence suggests another explanation for what happened at Kana. The scenario would be a setup in which the time between the initial bombing near the building and morning reports of its collapse would have been used to 'plant' bodies killed in previous fighting... place them in the basement, and then engineer a 'controlled demolition' to fake another Israeli attack."
Confederate Yankee gets a mentiion:
According to the blogs, perhaps the most suspicious element in the Kana affair was the fact that the dead children whose photographs appeared in the media displayed virtually no signs of blood, bruises or broken bones and, with one exception, were not caked with debris or pulverized cement.

For example, according to the antiliberal Conservative Yankee blog, "The child in the photo shows no signs of injuries - no blood, no disfigurement or crushing wounds consistent with a building collapse. The two men [carrying the child] show no signs of having been digging in rubble. Their clothes are unbelievably clean, especially the black fatigues that would so easily shown concrete dust."
Go read the whole thing. This may blow the lid off Qana. If I was in the market I'd short Hizbollah stock big time.

Update: 05 Aug '06 2246z

A. J. Strata has some very good clues about where the bodies may have come from.

EU Referendum is a very good source. Caution very grizzly photos of dead children

Jihad Watch has a good discussion going. With a link to a Michelle Malkin piece.

Update: 06 Aug '06 0826z

A French site says that many of the children were handicapped. Unfortunately the site is in French. Caution, photos of dead children.

Unfrozen Caveman Linguist provided this link in the comments that explains how the fakery is done in some of the ME war news. You can visit the Unfrozen Caveman Linguist where he blogs.

Carl in Jerusalem has reports from human shields who escaped from Hibollah Land.

Update: 06 Aug '06 1557z

Israel is carrying cameras on its raids to counter hizzy propaganda.

Update: 06 Aug '06 1638z

Here is a great result by a master blogger Charles Johnson of LGF. Charles busts Reuters for running faked photos of Beirut bombing. Reuters has had to do a retraction. Next Qana.

Israel Insider is reporting that rockets were placed on top of the Qana building to invite attack. They also report that disabled children were placed in the building. And the report? It is from the Lebanese. This is going to get a post of its own.

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Anonymous said...

People can die from internal injuries, especially with the types of bombs being used by the ITF (not IDF). Also the kids were in their night gowns and not much you can see on their skin. I am sure calling the massacre a staged event will help a lot of the ITF people sleep better at night. Let's also call killing the UN observers a staged event while you are at it. Keep up the good work.

M. Simon said...

There is no doubt that the UN Observer's deaths was an event staged by Hozbollah.

They set up their firing positiions near a UN outpost and fired on the Israelis expecting return fire.

Using the UN as human shields is a war crime.

Anonymous said...

Maybe HA learned from the best. Check this

TonyGuitar said...

Iran and Hezbullah will calm down and become more mellow when these catch on world wide.

Have you seen the EnvBike?

The Power Music alone makes seeing the demo worth it.

This is an hydrogen cell run motorcycle. Slide out the spent cell, slip in another and go for another 100 miles.

Launched March 2005 ..
**Look Ma... just water drops** =TG

M. Simon said...


No battery powered bicycle is going to replace the automobile in Chicago in January.

Our cities and suburbs are laid out based on 60 mph travel on most major roads.

There is no bicycle on earh I'd trust at 60 mph.

It would be really nice if you actually thought about the implications of your ideas. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

People indeed can die from internal injuries as stated by the first anonymous poster( I wonder why these people even post when they can barely muster the pluck the courage to put their names to their words. Or is it another manifestation of the famed Arab Impotence that has led to the creation of Bastard Entities like the Hezbollah?)

Whatever be the outcome of the Kana inquiry, which I think will be incomplete since all the evidence which could have damned the Hezzies has now been conveniently burried by their henchmen on the ground, the stark exhibitionism in front of the MSM will serve to remind one and all how beggarly degraded a race the Arabs have become!

M. Simon said...


We know the keeper of the morgue in Tyre was the green helmet guy. Go to the A. J. Strata link. He has a name.

And get evry thing we have passed around.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post as Anon, but that's the only choice you get unless you sign up for a blog.

On topic: WWWWOOOOOOWWW!!! I read that EUReferendum piece and the one I found linked at, I think, Confederate Yankee(?), and the commentary/timeline provided. That was a few days ago when they didn't know who the Green Helmet guy was.

Turns out he's the Keeper of the Morgue???? Can you say BUSTED!?!

I guess it shouldn't be funny, but in a sick way it is. It's freakin hilarious. So much for the moral high ground...

Duchess Of Austin