Sunday, September 12, 2004

Republican Socialism

I live in Illinois, a RINO state. Our local State Senator Dave Seyverson has his fingers all over the Keyes/carpetbagger deal.

Keyes has gone negative on Obama from the get go. The Latest was the "Jesus" vote deal. You know. The bit where Keyes says Jesus won't vote for Obama. And Republicans derride those who say they are the party of the American Taliban. I know - they are no where near as bad as the Taliban. But why even make the slightest move in that direction?

To tell the truth as a RINO I do not want to see the Rs with a big margin in the Senate. I want the Dems to obstruct. I want the Republicans to compromise.

Why? Because I hate Republican Socialism.

Republican Socialism

Nationalize the flag
Nationalize permissible eating, drinking, and smoking habts etc.
Nationalize people's sex lives
Nationalize women's bodies.

Just as ugly in my opinion as Democratic Socialism.


The Rs are just as bad as the Ds:

"Men with guns (government) are the solution to my favorite social problem."

Well that is not my America.

So my question is:

What have Republicans learned from alcohol prohibition?

Evidently nothing.

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