Thursday, September 23, 2004

How To Put an End to Drug Users

1. Identification -
pick a relatively small segment of the population with mainly minorities involved in some type of behavior that can be demonized. Drug users are ideal. Drug use is a behavior not considered an innate characteristic. Certain subgroups of the population have cultural affinities for certain drugs. This makes it possible to target the subgroup without seeming to identify innate characteristics.

2. Ostracism -
Good people don't associate with drug users. Drug users are the cause of our problems. If we could just make drug users quit or leave the country most of our problems would go away. Of course drug prohibition like alcohol prohibition is just wonderful in this regard. The black market causes a LOT of violence which at least initially can be blamed on the alcohol or the drugs depending on the era.

3. Confiscation -
Since the drug users are no good and the cause of our problems we will relieve them of their property to pay for the damage done. While we are at it we will make it difficult for them to get jobs. With drug testing we can be certain to identify those who have used most drugs in the last 24 to 48 hours. Or if they have used pot in the last 2 - 4 weeks. Since pot smokers represent the largest number of drug users this is good. It generates business for testing companies. As prisons generate demands for prisoners and confiscations generate demand (and the ability to pay) for more police. Boy are we getting them good now. We have stolen their homes. So their wives and children are on the streets. We have put them in prisons so that husbands can no longer be fathers. And those that haven't met with this fate are prevented from getting jobs. And still they won't give up their vile habits.

4. Concentration -
There are half a million people in jail for non-violent drug crimes. About another half million in for violent drug crimes or property crimes related to drugs. We have arrested over 11 million pot smokers in the last twenty years. We can't build prisons fast enough. And besides they are way too expensive. Too much up keep. Too many guards (whose unions in Calif are asking for stiffer drug sentences - they know a good thing when they see one). Well we have these boot camps for drug users - perhaps they could be expanded. Out in the desert to make escape improbable. We have at least 1/2 million and perhaps 1 million druggies in jail. And we have identified another 11 million. Yep - just what we need camps in the desert.

5. Annihilation -
but as all too often happens in enterprises like these costs mount and profits from confiscations declines. And besides there is no new income because the druggies aren't working. Its getting way too expensive and unsustainable. Well former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had the right idea. Death for sales of 2 oz of marijuana. Well not this year maybe but try again next year Newt. Them druggies got it coming for ruining the country.

And to keep this all nice and tidy we will do all this nice and legal like. With the consent of the governed. Dopers are certainly not a big enough or cohesive enough segment of the population to identifiably swing any elections. Easy to generate consent if only a small minority is involved.

And why am I so confident of my plan? Because it has worked before in Germany against the Jews.

Read Drug Warriors and Their Prey by R. L. Miller whose previous book was Nazi Justiz.

(c) 1999 M. Simon

This is a column I first wrote some time ago. Published widely at the time. The process outlined above is always the same. Gays, Jews, drug users. Targets change. The process remains the same.

We are starting to come to our senses on the drug laws. I'd like to see the process move faster.

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