Thursday, September 30, 2004

NK Human Rights Act

The Marmot has it.

As you may not know, judging from the lack of coverage in the West, the NK Human Rights Act was passed unanimously by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday – see the Oranckay and NKzone for the details.

Responses from Seoul have been mixed. One Uri Party official said it was “fortunate” that the linkage between human rights and aid to North Korea was passed as a congressional opinion rather than legally binding legislation, and called the watered-down bill the result of efforts by Seoul and Washington to come up with a more “rational” bill. Uri Party lawmaker Jeong Bong-ju, who led a party of 25 other lawmakers in delivering a signed letter to the U.S. Embassy earlier this month for U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar criticizing the NK Human Rights Act,........

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Anonymous said...

Unanimously? Are you trying to tell us Kerry showed up and voted???

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