Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Letter to the DU

Re:Venezuelan Democracy Process

Why do these Democracy Processes inevitably wind up destroying the economies they democratize?

DeSoto has it down. It is not about state ownership. It is about individual ownership.

If every individual in Venezuela owned a share of the oil it would unleash the economy. People would sell their shares and start businesses. Some would be foolish and waste their heritage. Others would be frugal and just live on the interest.

All would be better off.

We need to promote business large and small. But equally. Same rules for every one.

Really. Socialism kills economies. Even the Spanish Socialists know that.

What we need to do is be MORE capitalist than the Republicans. But not crony capitalism that is as ruinous as socialism. Low taxes for every one (think about attracting the rich of the world to America). Equality.

That is how you take the middle back from the Republicans. A growing economy for social justice. Let us show what Republicans are doing to retard economic growth.

We have to start taking advantage of reality instead of promoting socialist fantasy. You know, Marx, of all people especially derrided socialist fantasy. He was particularly acute about the fact that as long as there were profits there would be capitalism. As long as the profits are honest - improved deployment of capital and labor - we all benefit (even as some jobs are lost others are gained - keep in mind buggy whips).

We need to forget about socialism and help capitaism do the economic improvements faster. When goods are as cheap as air (which capitalism will eventually provide) socialism will be in order.

Real Marxists are realists.


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