Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Iranian Students Blast Kerry

'sharp criticism of Senator John Kerry, in reference to his declared "Iran policy"'

The article goes on to discuss Kerry's plan for giving Iran nuclear fuel.

Iran has stated that as soon as it has nuclear weapons it plans to nuke Israel. Evidently Kerry is just trying to help them along. Such utter madness.

Well I'm sure that as soon as this becomes an "issue" Kerry will issue a clarification or ammendment, or a different policy all together.

This is telling:

"They tried to scare us, before the elections, by threatening with a costly frivolous law suit, but the Movement's sense of responding to its duty has made them look like poker bluffers caught with a bad hand. Now they're counter sued."

"The funny point is that at this time, it seems that it's our lawyers who have to chase Mr. Nemazee in order to try to bring him to depose in the Dallas Court.

The infamous Mr. Nemazee. I have more to say about Mr. Nemazee's Iranian and Kerry connections here.

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JoshSN said...

Sure, a revolution in Iran could possibly bring a better government. I am not sure how many Iranian lives you are willing to risk for this, but I am sure it isn't too many, eh?

However, for the record, who claims they plan to nuke Israel?

What evidence do you have (can I hazard a guess? NONE!) that Iran has a nuclear _weapons_ program?

Can you talk, knowledgeably, about the additional protocols recently signed by Iran?

Thank you.