Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Keeping Order In Iran

Torture in Iran from National Review.

"We will never forgive our parents for having done this to us with their revolution," says Ali, staring at nowhere. "My father said once that they did it because they thought they would get free oil at their door step. Can you believe that? Now, people won't take to the streets anymore. I mean, what for? Every one saw what they did to Zahra Kazemi [a Canadian journalist killed while in the custody of the government in Tehran]. Did the Canadians do anything in outrage? Did the Canadian government take any significant retaliatory step? Every one knows that the mullahs have huge personal savings and investments in Canada. So why should we sacrifice ourselves by defying Lebanese mercenaries in our own neighborhoods? Is the world going to recognize that we exist? Has anyone among the Iranian expatriates supported us? Has any Iranian even come to the refugee camps to see in what miserable conditions we live? We hate the mullahs so much that we could hang every single one of them on every single tree in Tehran, but, so long as we, the Iranians, are only "I" and never "Us" — so long as the West is behind the mullahs — no one will take the matters to the streets any more."
So who is interested in Iran? Who will help the Iranians?

More reports on viiolence in Iran.
Latest reports in reference to the popular demonstrations which took place, on Sunday, in some Iranian cities and especially the Capital, are stating about several deaths and tens of injured and arrested.

The most violent clashes took place, in Esfahan, Noor-Abad of Mamassani, Shiraz, Hamadan, Saghez, Khoram-Abad and Oroomiah (former Rezai-e) where security agents shoot on demonstrators by killing and injuring several of them.
Here are people dying for Freedom and John Kerry wants to make nuclear nice nice with their opressors.

Hitchens has a few things to say about Democrats wanting bad news. He says it with refrence to Iraq but he also says it in the context of the whole war.

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