Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Children or Adults?

We see it in operation in Rathergate.

Campaign finance laws created the problem. Do we blame our politicians and the laws they made - no - never! It is all Dan's fault. Sure.

Just like all the criminalty during alcohol prohibition was cause by Al Capone and his fellow "businessmen".

Capone was operating in the business model Congress designed. We chaned the business model and the Capones large and small disappeared over time.

Campaign "finance reform" has done the same for free speech. Only "news" organizations ar unrestricted. So who do parties turn to when they want to speak by the law prevents it? They turn to the one area with no restrictions. Congress has gone a long way towards corrupting the "news". Just as they gave Mr. Capone quite a bit of help.

Now the question is who do you blame for the mess of alcohol prohibition? The children blame Al Capone, the adults blame Congress?

So where are the adults in this crisis? Are they all too busy chasiing Dan to see the cause of the problem? Give me a holler if you find any more than this one out there.

What do you want to bet that the congressional answer is more laws and more restrictions and more guardians? Whatever happened to No Law?

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