Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry 'n Me

With a new Swiftie ad coming out about Kerry and his Paris honeymoon I thought I would present a little personal history.

In 1971 I was a leftist. Anarcho-communist type (a mass of contradictions there eh?). So when John Kerry spoke about his plan for ending the war it seemed reasonable. I mean who of a certain age wasn't anti-war then?

And then came 30 April 1975. The not unexpected end. Just as John and Jane and a million others including myself desired. Whew. Finally over.

And then the rumors of the re-ed camps (John said it wouldn't happen), the rumors of slaughters (John said it wouldn't happen), the boat people (which John never predicted), the killing fields of Cambodia (which John never predicted). Say you know John and my own gullability led me astray.

And to all the people hurt and murdered because of my stupidity: I am deeply sorry.

Now even Jane Fonda has given some kind of half assed apology. Why not John? Unable to learn from your mistakes John?

So any way. On a very personal level I am not too happy with Johnny the K.


Luther said...

Well Simon, between LFG and Roger's place I've amply confessed to my past idiocy.

You say:

"And to all the people hurt and murdered because of my stupidity: I am deeply sorry."

Same goes for me. Moreover, do I need to add, Never Again.

You would think Jf'nK could at least work up and express a degree of regret for what he did back then. But that would imply, of course, that he has regrets.

By the way, thanks for the tip over at RLS, but I already had you in the favorites.

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