Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Faust is one of my favorite observers of the Arab scene.You can read more of him here.And if you send him an e-mail and are nice he will reply back.Faust speaks

The Americans aren't even CLOSE to having that sort of situation. We can STILL drop on you like Eagles and you are running like rats before the Owl. The only reason we drew back from VietNam was the American media were yellow. But we don't have to put up with that now. The American people are beginning to see the talking heads are chicken heads. The Media has covered themselves with yellow chickenshit. The American people have too much courage to run.

We mean to close with the Moslems this time and gut them.

When I was in combat I didn't care if there were thirty men against me. You just kill the one in front of you. And you kill the next one and the next one after that. I have been on battlefields where we went through after it was over and collected the enemy armaments first, the weapons. We would bring them all to a central location and have them inventoried and then we would go back for the bodies of the enemy. We would drag them to a place where a tank with a big bulldozer blade was waiting. The Tank would use the bulldozer blade to dig a trench. We would roll and throw all the dead corpses of the enemy into the trench and then we would bulldoze soil over them.

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