Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Iran is next

Here is an Iran report:
Sporadic and violent clashes rock center of Tehran

Sep 26, 2004

Sporadic and often violent clashes rocked, this evening, several areas of the Iranian Capital and some of the main provincial cities, as, few thousands of residents gathered to celebrate the "Mehr ritual" inherited from Iran's ancient legacy and qualified by the Islamist clerics as "Pagan".

The demonstrators defied the official injunctions by dancing, chanting and shouting slogans against the Islamic regime, its Islamist ideology and called for the freedom of the country.
Now I wonder if our christian brothers will applaud this return to paganism? Probably an improvement over Islam.

In any case what is happening there reminds me of the last days of the Shah. Revolution is in the air.

Honest Reporting has some interesting things to say about Jonathan Power's view on Iran's nuclear program vs Israel's. It is not what it is who. An excerpt:
Israel is a thriving democracy, where all citizens participate in government and have a voice, where even the most disenfranchised can climb the social ladder, and where injustice can be righted. Democratic nations are characterized by accountability, checks and balances, and recognition of fundamental human rights ― essential elements for responsible nuclear programs.

Iran, on the other hand, is a pure theocracy that institutionalizes dhimmitude (subjugation of non-Muslim peoples), engages in modern anti-Jewish witch hunts under the pretext of stopping 'Zionist conspiracies,' and hangs 'promiscuous' teenage girls in public squares with impunity.

The people at Honest Reporting suggest:

Contact the International Herald Tribune to correct Jonathan Power's distortions, using the points expressed above: Send IHT a letter
When responding to the media, cite Iran's repeated calls to annihilate Israel, Iran's well-documented support of worldwide Islamic terror, and Israel's effective policy of nuclear deterrence, which has actually enhanced regional stability.

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