Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Alternating Kerry Current

Kerry has changed from his pro-gun image work to his anti-gun words.

Insty has this to say:

I take this as a sign that the Kerry campaign now expects to lose, and has shifted to a rally-the-base mode intended to protect downticket candidates. I could be wrong, of course, but that's how it looks to me.

I think it is more straight forward. It is just Kerry moving around in his base. He has two. The Moveon base and the Zell Miller base. He needs them both to get above 30%. So he will be alternating as his polls show which part of his base is hurting the most on any particular week.

We can expect more of these alternations right up until election day.

01:15z 14Sept2004

Or it may just be the usual political pandering: look pro gun when the issue is on the table, look anti-gun when nothing can be done: satisfy both sides.

My thanks to the Instapundit for mentioning me in the dispatches. The link at the top of this article will take you there.


Anonymous said...

More like dis-satisfy both sides... much like Bush did when he said that he'd sign an extension. That sop to the left (even if he knew there was a snowball's chance of such a thing passing) really dinged his support base badly.

-- Cybrludite

M. Simon said...

A politician gets very little leverage straying from his core.

Kerry's problem is that he has two cores. And they don't like each other.