Monday, September 20, 2004

American ME policy by an expert on the ground

It's Faust again. I know he plagarizes some times. But it is an addiction. I can't help myself.

A choice quote:

The US is going to pull back and re-position for Iran and we will finish the Sunni population if we need to do that around Fallujah. You only survive because we allow it. If we dispense with any inhibitions you will be pigs for the slaughter.

You have no more chance than the Sioux and the Cheyenne. If you have anything to say. Say it soon.

You are about out of time. Decency is a luxury. Our decency is all that ever stood between you and the grave.
Blood sports in time of war. Ugly. Necessity.

These people think they know who Faust is. In any case there is a delightful bit of Faust that has been making the rounds posted here. You out to read it.

Here is a sample:
You are Arabs and you produce nothing of any value..not politically, or socially, or economically, or philosophically.

You are a dead society with dead values.

That isn’t a racist statement. Its an autopsy of your culture.

And I don't hate you, I just don't want you to rot in my gutter so I have to smell it. Go someplace else to die.

This guy is a Faust fan too. He has more links.

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