Thursday, September 16, 2004

Shoot the Journalist Again

Uh, Oh. It looks like my favorite commenter on the Arab scene has found some documents he rather likes. And with very minor alteration quoted them as if they were his own. Kind of a forgery of a complaint about forgery - and other stuff.

Here is the Ralph Peters original (he has always [since 9/11/01] been one of my favorites and deserves credit.

Guess I won't be quoting Faust much any more.

Faust on Rathergate

CBS lied. The sad thing is that they just might be able to stonewall America. But stay tuned on the forgeries they may yet find the source in the Democratic nest. And I do think Dan Rather and others will be fired for knowingly issuing forgeries and trying to influence a Presidential election by fraud. Somebody at CBS and in the Democratic Party may get jail time from this.

That's network news, folks. Defend forgeries. Defend "journalists" who support terror. Let our soldiers die. Let the American people rot. And trash our president in wartime.

No wonder al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya get away, literally, with murder. We have FOUR MORE YEARS of President Bush though. A lot can happen in four years. Ask Afghanistan and Iraq.

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