Friday, September 17, 2004

The #$@%^&*&#@* bozos

Besides working hard to lose an election Kerry and the Dems are working hard to lose the war.

Giving away secrets to the enemy.

This is such unbelievably bad judgement you have to wonder what he is thinking. Is he trying to give away plans so as to get our troops killed?

This ought to be good for a five point drop. Minimum.

By the time this is over Kerry may have trouble breaking 30%. And he will deserve it.

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Joe Katzman said...

MS... If Kerry had given away tactical plans, that would be one thing. But a NG call-up, even if true, tells the enemy nothing of significance.

Pelosi's statement that "staying the course is not an option" on the other hand.... THAT ought to be hit, hard, by political commenters.

M. Simon said...


I think you have made a very good point.


Kerry and the news guys tried to make it look like they were giving away secret plans.

This makes them look bad to those who favor pursuit of the war. I don't see the pont of this. It can't help. Who is working the campaign?

And yes. The Kerry Cut and Run, fortunately, is a dance craze that is not sweeping the nation.