Saturday, September 18, 2004

Head of the UN - a man without a country

As is my won't I'm writing a headline from the future. It all starts with this story (cribbed from Insty actually it was Roger L. Simon [other than the middle initial and last name - no relation]) about Iran. Iran is considering putting one of its top mullahs up for Secratary General of the UN.

This is a very smart move by Iran to try to head off an American attack which every one knows is coming. Would America really attack the country of origin of the head of the UN? Yes.

It also points up Iran's weakness. They don't yet have any nukes. Otherwise such heavy political jujitsu would be unnecessary. This is a sign of military weakness but political strength.

My guess is that Iran has bought enough European countries so that they might very well succeed in getting President mullah Mohammad Khatami of Iran elected Secretary General. So what would the world be like with a UN head repudiated by his own country? I'll tell you what it would be like: Very interesting

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