Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hope of Mideast Peace?

There is no hope of Mideast peace as the Mideast is currently constituted. If it was at all possible it would already have been done. It has been 50+ years. Fifteen years since the effective demise of the USSR (which happened in 1988 with the exchange of Defence ministers with the USA).

My personal feeling is the lack of pacification in Iraq is perfect cover for a move on Iran.

BTW Dider if you follow the time line it was Yasser Arafat with his stupidfada who elected Sharon. Barak put a breathtaking peace offer on the table. No serious counter offer was made. No minor technical corrections. Just the “right of return” which is never going to happen. In fact it is possible had the violence escalated that the only right left to the Palestinians would have been the “right to leave". Sharon with his fence has actually saved the Palestinians from themselves.

Well any way the only way to clean up the Mideast is regime change. Iran/Syria are next.

After that we will see what evolves PERT Chart the logistics and slam the next group of Sons of Bitches until the SOBs decide that early retirement is preferable to death and destruction.

Saddam was found in a sewer. Does Abdul really want to spend his last days in a sewer followed by jail? Punctuated by dead sons?

Southern France. The Place for all seasons.

Well just to give you the mood over here: quite a number of us have decided that the Persians would be better off in all ways with self government. We are agitating for just such an outcome provided by America. Military, political, covert action, whatever. Iran has 2 - 4 months before regime change.

If you know anything about military tactics all you have to do is to look at a map to see what is next.

It is a done deal.


This was a response to something posted over at Stryker's.

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